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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kutnkev, Jul 30, 2001.

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    i decided to try the townhouse/rowhouse market and it seems to be paying off. i first tried the 90-120k and got nothing. when i went to the 200k+, KABOOM! good responses and many chances to up sell other services. it may be a good way to start for somebody else as well. lots of tree lined streets ,so im looking foward to leaves and clean ups. someone else had done the same i cant remember who it was. looks like my market will be industrial and high end very small lawns. maybe this will help those who think you need a fleet of equipment and acres of lawns to get started.
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    I have done 5 condo units( 700,000.00-1,000,000.00 $ range) and have been doing them for 5 years now. The manager for them is a very good friend of my wife. She pays like a good slot machine, and never questions the time I spend at the properties.
    I had always thought that it took longer to do them, but this year, I started doing them after I finished with my days work, instead of setting in traffic.They can all be done in an hour with travel time included. Three are together,and two are at different locations. I have ben thinking that will talk to other properties in area to see if I can get some more. The lawns are postage stamp size, I use the 21 in, or the wb if it is not too wet.I was ready to let them go this year because they did a lot of landscaping work, and she didn`t ask me to bid on the job. The company that did the job, didn`t do it very well, and a lot of the plants were starting to die. They still don`t have new plants(serves them right for not letting me bid on them).Now after I see what I make for the little time I am there, I want more of them.This would definatley be a place to start, with not having to buy a lot of equiptment, but quality work is a must.And then some of the owners will still try to complain.;)
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    From reading the general consensus on this forum, one can get the impression that one needs a new truck pulling a 16'+ trailer, carrying a 60" ZRT, 48" walk mower, and a 21" mower, with all the assoicated trimmers, blowers, and other implements of destruction.

    There can be a great amount of money made servicing small, city like lots with nothing more than a couple of 21" mowers, a trimmer, and hand blower, all nestled in the bed of a mini pickup.
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    Right...........................but you gotta have that particular set up.............round here you need the 60" er!
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    Small lawns definitely have their place. I live in a retirement community and do 91 lawns per week (year round customers). My equipment consists of (1) Troy-Bilt 33" wide cut wlk behind, (1) Stilh blower, (1) Stilh stick edger and (1) Stilh string trimmer. All is carried to site via EZ-GO Golf Cart. During winter months I pressure wash homes also plulling my equipment with the golf cart. We have over 600 homes in this development and I know of several lawn care people that have started here and gradually moved to commercial after they got the nut cracked and also some that are very successful that only work now in retirement areas.
  6. If you don't have at least one 60"+ mower you are not a real LCO and you should go to
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    Thats OK. I put the money that I would have to spend on trucks, trailers, insurance, workmen's comp. & etc in my pocket instead of calling it overhead. I am looking at going to a 48" hlydro WB in the next couple weeks only becaust the Troy-Bilt won't hold up to the volumn.
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    hahahhahah Stone!!!!!! Your brilliant!
  9. So what you are saying MR. STONE is that I was not a real LCO when I was running 7 - 52" W/B's


    A real LCO pays taxes, has Ins. SOLO and doesn't have to have employees

    so be kind to the kids and let them have their fun. that's how I got in this and I am now 30 and that was years ago

    I know plenty of ways to do it and you can make a lot of money mowing houses in a row

    that is how most of my accounts are

    BUT they are bidded individually

    I love row houses we went from 52" W/B's to 60" ZTR's and started to make even more $ on them per an hour

    Good luck Kev LGF:blob1:
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    I have several stretts where I have as many as 7 to 9 yards joining. Sweet not having travel time & set up at 7 to 9 different locaations.

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