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  1. mckell68

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    I am interested in learning how to weld so I can fabricate some racks on my mower trailer. Thats really all I need it for. I was thinking about a small stick Lincoln welder that home depot sells. It sells for $199 and is about the size of a large shoebox. No dials on it for amperage, just toggles for hi/low settings.

    Am I wasting my money on this small unit or is ok for what I need it for? Any input would be helpful----Mike
  2. BSDeality

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    I'd go for a MIG, its a much better finish and IMO, a hell of a lot easier to use.
  3. vipermanz

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  4. ffemt1271

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    go for a wire gun--299.99 for a lincoln weld-pak 100

    runs on 120volt and i have run mine on a 100' extensioin cord!
    really like not having to stop welding to get another stick
  5. blafleur

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    Thats all you think you will need it for. Its one of things that once you get, you will wonder how you ever did without one. I prefer the stick, I think it gives better welds, but it is harder to use. I got a friend to spend some time showing me how to use it, a little practice, and it looks decent. I really think its better to get a product with the goal that you will use it more, because you probably will. Get a middle of the road unit, spend a little more now so you wont kick yourself later.

  6. Seon

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    I have a Lincoln stick for the thicker gage steel and a Hobart mig for the thinner work. I did alot of research before buying the mig. Here's a site that may help you in deciding which to buy. Good luck.

    Welding forum
  7. reelgrass92

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    I bought a cheap crapsmen welder (flux-cored), I believe it is an 80 amp. But I sort of made me some trimmer racks but they just didn't hold. I thought I had pretty good welds. I was wrong. Luckily I didn't loose any of my trimmers.
  8. bob

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    I've got the small Lincoln wire feed welder. It costs about $329 at Home Depot. It comes with eveything you need. Even a video tape to help you get started. I wish that 'd bought it year ago.

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