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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by rywnygc, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Ok. Gotcha.

    I did use the matrix blocks. I forgot to say that.

    As far as curving, I tried to come up with a design that allowed that, but with the area (slope) and the space, I couldn't come up with much. I'm sure the lack of experience wasn't helping me. I plan on doing a couple more for family, to get better at it.
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    Interestin.. like tad said vary your rock size. You have a big open spot on the left corner where it goes gravel to mulch put a plant there up againist it. Take some of you stone behind it out and blend plants between them. Do you have pics during your construction phase all i see is a tub then its Im with tad there is no need for the tub, a wider piece of liner would have been cheaper. That tub will eventually develope a crack.
  3. rywnygc

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    That tub isnt in there. I used a brand new stock tank from TSC. Those things are tough.

    As far as the open spot.....I completely agree with you. That was the customers doing. He wanted to make sure he could see the birds playing in it while he was on the porch. Actually, since the videos were made, he made me re-arrange most of the front boulders,(and replace with flatter rocks) so that he could see into it better and then he put religious statues all over it. I want to get pics of how the flow is now, but not with all of the crap he did to it.

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