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Small residentials "Favorite Mower"??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2k1yzfr1, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. 2k1yzfr1

    2k1yzfr1 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    I am thinking about downsizing lawn maintenance next year and only mowing part time and trying to focus more on sprinkler installs. I have about 70 residentials and 50 of those are 10K sq ft or less. At the moment I have a 52" toro z500, a 36" exmark metro with a mulch kit, and a 36" side discharge scag. I feel that the 52" is too big for these little yards that's why I find myself using the 36's much more than I should be. I have an excellent dealer that carries Toro, Gravely, and soon to be Exmark, so I would need to stick with those brands unless I came across a Walker. If I go back to 30-40 yards all in the 8000-10000 sq ft range which 2 mowers would you own?? :confused:
  2. tiedeman

    tiedeman LawnSite Fanatic
    from earth
    Messages: 8,745

    48" and 32" size mowers. Or are you talking about specific brand?
  3. 2k1yzfr1

    2k1yzfr1 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    Yeah specific brand model....I don't need anything smaller than a 36" though.
  4. MikeLT1Z28

    MikeLT1Z28 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,732

    honestly, for small yards walker does do a really good job if it's smooth and flat. you can get a mulching deck unless you just like collecting clippings. in the winter they do a great job doing clean ups. as for the exmark, that's all i run now. i use them on stuff from 2 acres down to duplex lots.
  5. 2k1yzfr1

    2k1yzfr1 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    I've thought about a Walker and putting a 42" mulching deck on it or possibly a 48" GHS deck, but I've been reading on here that they clog when wet. How does the Walker mulching deck do?? I bought a mulching kit for my Z500 and used it a day before pulling it off and throwing it in the shed. With the mulch kit on my toro it bogged down way too much and seemed to make a huge mess when I crossed the sidewalk or stopped to make a turn. I also had the mulching kit on it when we were getting 3-4 days of straight rain, so it wasn't the most ideal conditions. With the walkers can you mow a average growth 8k sq ft yard without dumping the hopper?? Thanks for the help.

  6. PaulJ

    PaulJ LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,774

    Hustler 48" super walkbehind wiht a sulky and accelerator.

    I use it on everything from <3000 to >30000sqft great manuverability and great preformance.

  7. dishboy

    dishboy LawnSite Fanatic
    from zone 6
    Messages: 6,117

    Exmark 36 in TTHP w/ecs and mulch kit
  8. 2k1yzfr1

    2k1yzfr1 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    I've never thought a floating deck on a 36" was needed here. Most of my yards are perfectly flat and everything will be cut at 3.5" so the change of height isn't really important either. There isn't a Hustler dealer within 80 miles of me so I'll probably have to overlook that brand. I've read about the hydro walkbehinds on here lately and just wonder why everyone likes them so much?? I can see on the bigger heavier 52" floating deck mowers, but it seems like little fixed deck 36" are so light you can just sling them around. With that said I've never used a hydro walkbehind with fear of falling in love with it and having to replace my 2 belt drives with hydros.
  9. 2k1yzfr1

    2k1yzfr1 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    Anymore opinions??
  10. Fareway Lawncare

    Fareway Lawncare LawnSite Silver Member
    from Canada
    Messages: 2,222

    Tracer HP...either 36" or 48" depending on Gate Sizes...The Hustler is too long for those small res...The TracerHP's are Nice & Compact & can Mulch everything....Walker Walkbehind w/42" mulch deck Mabe...never tried one...but I don't like Walker Riders on props that small...

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