Small retaining wall. What do you think?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by "Ground Control", Apr 15, 2007.

  1. "Ground Control"

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    Here are some pictures of a small retaining wall I built. There was a big wood beam in there that was rotten and falling apart. I tore that out and put up this retaining wall in a day by myself.





  2. "Ground Control"

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  3. TazLandscapes

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    Hey Groundcontrol
    Thats looks great!!! how long did it take you to do that and how long is the wall.Also What type of dirt and stone did you use..


    Mike DiBiase
  4. "Ground Control"

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    More Pictures 2: Sorry these last few pics are a little was getting dark when I finished and I had the camera in night mode.



  5. "Ground Control"

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    Thanks, I used what they call "Road Mix" at the supply yard. Its a mixture of small gravel and sand and dirt I think.... I got the blocks at the same place....I dont know much about them other than that the customer liked them and they were easy to work with!:cool2:
  6. PatriotLandscape

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    and what ingredient would dirt be?

    Do you get freezes there? There is no drainage behind the wall which could make it heave.

    You should really make your base 24" wide to create the stability it needs to retain the soil.

    I hate to poke fun, sorry
  7. "Ground Control"

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    Constructive criticism is good... There are sprinkler lines right next to the wall on both sides so it would have been very hard to excavate any further either way. Also, the wall is only 18 inches high at the top so I dont think it should be a problem. But thanks for the suggestions, this is only my 4th wall so im still kinda learning. What would you normally use for a base? just crushed gravel?
  8. kootoomootoo

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    CG is only minutes away I can sense it.

    Apart from .....
    No fabric
    No gravel
    No 4in pipe
    Base not deep/wide enough

    Its very straight and level. (cant check though but I see a level in pic and they don't lie)

    Almost guarantee its Unilock.
    Use it to build firepits.

    ps. 1in poly pipe dont bite.
  9. "Ground Control"

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    The base in most places was about 5 inches deep. There IS gravel in the "Road Mix" haha... Is fabric and drain pipe really necessary in a wall that is an average of about 13 inches high?
  10. YardPro

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    the finished product looks fine,

    but you will want to use a wider base and also go a minimum of 6" thick on the base, compacted in lifts appropriate to the size plate compactor.... ( 2"-3" for a 5K pound machine)

    no way that base is 5" thick... look at the picks... looks like 2-3" at the most...

    roadway base is fine... for the base
    he is talking about rock behind the wall for drainage

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