small scale organic start-up?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by pineymountain, May 8, 2013.

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    Smallaxe- On Tuesday I had a customer that would have absolutely loved your topdressing method. I spread 3 yards of super-screened compost across his front & side yard. Two out of 3 were spread before he left for lunch. Anyway I got a call from him later that day suggesting that it wasn't as thick as he thought it'd be. This fella's a great guy & all but wanted to see it thick over the turf. When i'm running the Eco I'll have the volume discharge 1/2 open so less material hits the spinner & slings into the rootzone better. I come back that same evening to investigate & go thru the benefits of powdery compost & how we don't want it laying on top of the grass etc. What made him happy was when I grabbed a shovel and wheelbarrow & slung it across those "thin" areas. It's funny how thick one single shovel scoop looked across the same spot that I may have spread a five gallon buckets worth thru the machine. Was interesting nonetheless.
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    That is why I use my hand INSTEAD of a shovel...
    I agree with you that it does not need to be laying on top of the grass and IMO it seems that Less IS More when it comes to volume...

    I notice that when I use a half an inch worth to seed in bare spots that the grass will grow OK but it seems reluctant to put down deep and strong roots... Almost as if there was a steady supply of water soluable N sitting above the surface of the soil... :)

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