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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by smithsonmi, Apr 23, 2001.

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    I live in a new subdivision that used to be farm land. Last year a couple small sink holes showed up in an area of my back yard. Small is ended up being a 2' wide by 2' tall 'tunnel' about 10' long where some areas of the turf had caved in. This 'tunnel' then turned down and disappeared into the ground. I filled it with a a combo of rocks and fill that I still had around from cleaning my yard before seeding.

    In talking with neighbors this spring, I found a significant number that also had these types of sink holes.

    What is the cause? Since this is a new sub, there could have been a lot of fill brought in and who knows what buried. I guess if a log or other organic matter was buried that then rotted and collapsed.

    I did find another extension of this in the same area this spring but I have yet to cut the turf and investigate/fill.

    They seemed to show up after an excessively wet period but this could be coincidence, who knows.

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    Sounds exactly like what you stated....if your new subdivision was previously a wooded area, sometimes the developers will bury large amounts of trees and stumps to create fill. What ultimately happens is the soil settles around them as well as decomposition. I have seen some pretty deep "crevasses" from this practice. You'll just have to mark these areas and keep filling them. Sooner or later it'll be corrected by your filling. I'd personally fill with sand as it'll settle quicker as opposed to stone as the soil you place over the stone will have to settle in the crevices/gaps created between the stones. When you feel the settling has all but been completed then cap with a good 3" of topsoil for turf establishment.

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