Small sod job Donald did today and and even larger one to bid =)

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tjgray, May 23, 2006.

  1. tjgray

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    This is just a small sod job my husband Donald did today that I didn't help with....



    I think the sod definitely looks better then the last job we did but I still noticed a couple of gaps :(

    Speaking of the last sod job we did....Donald was out last week to do weed control and fertilization and said that aside from the darn weeds popping up that it looked great. Unfortunately he didn't take any pictures for me like I asked *darned ol man*. He is going back out in another week or so for a follow-up and swears he will get me pictures then.

    Anyways he also put up a fence and a retaining wall last week for the customer that he did the small sod job for today and promises to get me pictures of it for all my lawnsite buddies to bash to heck real soon *the man loves me yes he does:) *

    While he was finishing up today a neighbor approached him about putting in sod for him. This is real big ya'll bigger then the one I posted about a month or so ago. I am in charge of putting together the estimate.

    The total square foot is 11000. I figure it will take 29, 400 sq. ft. pallets. We are paying an outrageous price for sod at $135.00 a pallet *Donald is going to see if they will cut him a break for such a large order*. I think me and Donald *yes I will have to help on this one* can get it laid in about 29 hours.

    If I mark up the sod to $150.00 a pallet and charge $60.00 an hour to put it in I am coming up with $6090......I was thinking about charging $6300:confused: am I too off base :confused:

    Now keep in mind ya'll I am a total newbie to landscaping *everything I know I learned from Donald and lawnsite :)* and Donald specializes in chemical application. We only started doing landscaping last year due to customer demand so basically we are still both learning.

    Here is a couple pictures of the always I value and appreciate all of your comments...



  2. Dallas Turf

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    You should be able to get sod from a-1 for about $110 unless it has gone up.

    Would you ask Donald if he knows what the fungus is that attacked and thinned the St aug that he replaced in the first picture. It has done quite a bit of damage this year as well as the drought and freeze in December 8 degrees. However there is some disease going around and I thought he might know.

  3. tjgray

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    Hey there Jason,

    Thanks for the advice. We have checked A-1 and yes they have gone up...they are at $135.00 plus tax where Miller is at $135.00 including tax. These prices are for 45 yards not 65 as there is a difference.

    He says the fungus that attacked the St. Aug. above is either a grey or black leaf spot. He says he had a hard time telling between the two because the roots have completely dried out. They both are basically the same thing just different colors. He is using Clari *I don't know if I spelled that right* but he says you can also use Fore or Baylantons *anything geared towards leaf spot*. He says you really want one that works on brown patch as well so you can treat both with the same product. He says with St. Aug. you will run into both of these a lot. He says also make sure you have no low lieing areas filling up with water. If you do, get them filled in with dirt. He says thats the main culprit causing this disease.

    Hope this helps:waving:
  4. Dallas Turf

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    Thanks, I was leaning toward leaf spot myself, however these are not brownpatch right now. Also the problem is occuring in flat open areas, and areas with a slope to them, not low spots.

    Have a good weekend:usflag: :usflag:
  5. Edgewater

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    In our area, that would be a 9,000- 12,000 dollar job depending on how many sections and the amount of prep.
  6. olderthandirt

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    Tara the hrs are a little low IMO but it depends on where they spot the pallets. It looks like there is a lot of curves and cutting which can eat up some hrs. Also do your # include prep work? I would be 8-9K range and would figure 40 man hrs including prep and return of the pallet core charge
  7. cuttinjoe

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    It's hard to tell from your pics how much prep is involved. If its just a matter of burning the weeds out and hand raking it, then 4hrs for 2 people is plenty.

    So 8hrs. * $50hr=$400 or $0.04sq/ft.


    The boss and I can lay a skid(78 rolls,702sq/ft.) in 45 min. That includes lots of trim time. Today we put down 5 skids in 3hrs. Pallet placement is key to your speed. When conditions are right we use the Kubota to move skids along as we go. The fastest way is for one to stay on their knees and the other passing the rolls.

    So 15.6 skids we'll say 16*45min=720min or 12hrs

    So 24hrs*$50hr=$1200 or $0.11sq/ft.

    Sod cost


    Prep $400
    install $1200
    Sod $3740
    Total $5340

    Add Something for profit and anyway you go.
  8. tjgray

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    Thanks everyone for your very helpful input. I have learned so much about this industry in the last few years *before that the green industry was just the husband gig* and lawnsite and you have been a major part of that learning process. I don't know what I would do without ya:)

    The home owner has already tilled the lawn and raked so I don't think very much prep is going to be needed. What I think happened is this customer had the bright idea that putting a lawn in was a piece of cake and got out there in our already brutal Texas heat and realized that he might want to pay someone to do the rest.

    Of course I also think that once he saw that he was going to have to pay thousands to have someone else do it he might be a little more hesitant now because all of the sudden this man who was so anxious to start immediately has had our estimate for two days and hasn't called *I will call him probably Monday to follow-up*

    No matter if we get it or not, he can live in mud or not for all I care as there is plenty more work right now to keep us busy. I just didn't want to end up costing ourselves money by bidding too low and I am still too in-experienced at it to always get it right :waving:

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