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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by CutsForLess, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Weel just wanted to say Hi, I have been part time for about a year and seem to be doing o.k. I have 28 regular accounts plus small 1 time jobs here and there, I get all my work by local newspaper add. Does this seem about right for the amount of advertising? My equipment is a dixie chopper 44", exmark 26" metro, echo weedeaters and backpack blower, 99 dodge one ton, 16ft. trailer with gate. I made enough this year to pay for the equipment plus some spending money for the wife. Ha Ha, is this good for a part timer in his first season, because this is about all the work load I can handle by myself. Thanks

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    28 accounts.....some on here would kill for that.....or just lowball you...LMAO...but it sounds great and maybe you could get a few more by using flyers and truck/trailer signs...Great job and good luck
  3. CutsForLess

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    Thanks for the support, I thought you had to have a ton of accounts to make real money at this, but I have found out if you bid a little higher than the competition you only get the accounts you really want and not a bunch of cheap folks who are always trying to get everything for nothing. With that said I also do small extras for my older ladies who are widowed or single, I thank they really appreciate it if you take a little time just to move a plant for them or stop and say hi.

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    You sir, have got it figured out :clapping: It is very refreshing to read your post after so many preach how they only make it by underbidding.
    Welcome to the site:waving:
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    This answer is also for me. I think I may be wasting too much time on getting the numbers than on getting good clients. I currently have more than 50 regular homes but their pricing is cut throat.
    My aim is to move over to the commercial market.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Which is even a tighter market
  7. olderthandirt

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    Taking care of the widowed and single ladies can pay dividends :laugh:
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    I would have killed to get 28 accounts this year. Of course, I started in late May. I don't have an exact count but I'm at like 13-15 accounts. One account is 13 properties and another is 2, though.

    Congrats to you, seems like you are doing well. And good on you for not being a lowballer:drinkup:

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