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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Looking for some tips on expansion in a small town. I'm in a town with about 50k people and covers an area of about 20-25 sq miles.

    I do the post card thing about 2 times a year, but am considering 4-5 small specific mailings vs. 2 big generic ones(do put specials for upcoming services). I do specific targeting on my mailers based on location in my city. I'm growing about 10-15% gross sales a year, but I see that the possibility for multiple mowing and application crews is just within reach.

    While I have the "control your backyard" viewpoint, I have considered moving into other cities. I just need to be able to cover my cost. I'm scared of the initial cost of going to a new city and not having enough business there. My closest cities are....

    Raleigh - 400k people - 45 minutes away - high income and good overall
    Greenville - 85k people - 30 min drive - good income, university, lots of medical
    Rocky Mount - 57k people - 20 min drive - seems to be declining, but still some money there.

    Any tips on things to try to really boost expansion? Maybe specials to get people hooked?
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    If you've been growing 10-15% annually with only 2 postcards, you're doing very well. I think you can do more to saturate your existing area. Do you constantly ask current clients for referrals? Do you cloverleaf at each stop?
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    More customers close together are better. Phast is right, referrals are great. Offer a referral reward, exta app for a referral. Hand pass flyers. Cloverleaf your customer's neighbors. Offer a special coupon for next door neighbors.
    The first 15 days of September are great sales days. After that sales drop off quickly.
  4. grassmasterswilson

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    thanks guys. I offer referrals and give a discount if I get the job. It has worked some but wish it would work more. I advertise referrals, but not what they get. I usually tell them I will discount based on the amount of the sale. Maybe I should just say refer someone and save $25 on the next app.

    The postcards have worked best for me. The Feb mailer is the best. I wasn't very successfull of a fall seeding mailer, but considered it branding. I've strongly considered doing more mailers with a specific service in mind(aeration, pre emergant, disease prevention. etc). The problem is that I might have a fescue, bermuda, and centipede lawn all right beside each other!!

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