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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by boonedog, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. boonedog

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    I'm a teacher in a small town. I have two boys that are getting to the age that they need to learn some hard work. When I was their ages (8 & 11) I was driving a tractor on the family farm. Yeah, a bit early, but we loved it. Now we're cranking up a lawn mowing business. There are two older people that mow that will be getting out of it sooner than later.

    I have a rider for big lots and a Snapper HiVac for smaller yards. I'm looking to get a walk behind with a sulky. I'm looking at the Scag Pro-V Walk behind 36" but am wavering to maybe get the 48". Of course, this would kill the gate issue and I'd just have to use my Snapper in those situations.

    Need advice on the Scags. Nobody in my town has one and it intrigues me. Is it underpowered????
  2. 2ExploreTech

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    Quinter - that is a small town, been there once. Know of a family or 2 there, so that's like 5% of population right there :laugh:

    I have not used the Scag walk behind, but I understand they are very rugged and do a great QOC. I'm sure you would have some Agr. dealers around but is there a Scag dealer local?... or over in Hays where you may check one out. For that matter they may allow you to demo one for a day.

    There is a stander option if you are concerned about big yards through small gates. Probably a moot pt since your sons will be doing all the hard work anyways. :)
  3. boonedog

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    You've been to Quinter? Wow. I do like the option of a stander, but let me tell you a ridiculous thing I've found out. People in this part of the country won't pay for what it's worth, especially if it looks easy. Therefore, if I bought a stander which was always ridden, it would look easier.

    Funny thing, I asked about a striping kit from the dealer, and you're right that it's in Hays. He said that he had priced one but it was a long time ago. He said that nobody in the town likes that look, which is a bit weird. Anyway, he told me of a guy that just bought a mower from him, no striping kit, and he called right away to tell him to come over and look how messed up his yard was. When the dealer went over, there were the stripes and the guy didn't like it.
  4. 2ExploreTech

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    Well, if people don't like stripes, just re-adjust your deck. That's easy enough. Or maybe do a pattern besides a checkerboard.

    I understand about that point. Someone gets some huge or very specialized equipment to handle some project quickly and carefully, so some expect 'Walmart' like pricing. Probably being around huge Agr. tractors that cover acres in minutes isn't helping much either. Happens with snow removal all the time, particularly in deep snow and long driveways...

    Quinter was alright. Getting pulled over on the interstate and having my car completely searched was not. Was headed to CO for a project, when I came back I went through Neb., I stopped at some relatives in Il, so not really out of the way.
  5. MOturkey

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    One of my neice's lives in Victoria, which I'm guessing isn't far from you.
  6. superdog1

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    If you don't want stripes?, don't buy a new Scag. The new 52 and 61 Velocity plus decks stripe like crazy, no kit needed. They are really great decks.
  7. Get Some...

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    Your starting a lawn buisness to teach your pre-teen kids hard work?
  8. whosedog

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    You will be doing most of the work till they are a few years older.They may be able to run a weedwacker or a light blower but I wouldn't let them run a tractor for a few years.New laws are coming that regulate the work kids can do on the family farm;I'd like to know how they intend to enforce these laws and I guess they would apply to family landscaping crews as well.
    Scag is a rugged commercial mower and would get the job done,I would find out what machine your local dealer sells and get whatever brand he sells because he would have parts on hand for quicker turnover of repairwork.The brand of mower isn't that important,just make sure you buy commercial grade equipment,not homeowner grade crap.
  9. KS_Grasscutter

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    Hmmm I think it would be VERY hard to make enough money mowing grass in a town of 1,000 to cover the cost of the equipment let alone make a profit. Maybe you could work in Quinter in the evenings during the week, and go to either Hays or Colby on Saturdays. Ugh talk about a lot of drive time. Another option would be get a few lawns in some more of the small (tiny?) towns around there.

    What type of grass do you have up that way? Im guessing a lot of Buffalo grass and some fescue and bermuda also?

    I have a customer that came from Victoria, their family still lives up there and has a bunch of cows and farms a little bit. They're actually trying to get a house bought in Victoria to move back and be closer to their grandkids.
  10. gcbailey

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    if Quinter is anything like southern WV for every 1 customer who recognizes and is willing to pay for a good job there's 20 more who act like any blind three legged dog could mow and make it look like fenway park.

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