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Renton, WA
this is for any of you guys that plow in small towns.

My market is roughly going to be 6,000 people, maybe a 1,000 more tops. anyway, a lot has been said about pricing but mostly it is from people in philadelphia,etc
so any of you guys doing plowing in smaller areas could you give me an Idea on what you are charging. and if you get a good amount of business to pay for your insurance etc.

also in my market I noticed that there is a excavating company or two that advertise plowing, that you think having an actually plowing company will put me in a better position for getting business?

and I have noticed that some people have blades around there, have many of you guys experienced that in small towns that business is low because a lot of people have their own plows, probably a low % anyway.

well sorry such a long question set

thanks for the help!



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central Maine
Cowboy, I'm in about the same situation here in Maine. The town I live in consists of a Post Office, trucking co, fire station, flower shop and general store. There is an excation company and other stuff you mentioned including every other person has a plow hung on the front of their pickup. No warning light, no insurance etc. This year we're had four "snow events". This one was by far the largest at 8". I've gotten a total of one push for the year in addition to my own and the rental I own. I've decided I'm not going to "lowball" prices, though. Not professional, not sure it would do any good anyway. Just going to keep advertising and promoting service since I noticed quite a few didn't get plowed to go to church. A lot of the commercial competition is from the excation company. I plan to promote myself as being primarily in the plowing business (after I retire from my job) vs being an additional service, therefore more professional and able to give better service. Another idea for you would be to contact the excavation co to see if you could sub. I just don't want to go that route of plowing for someone else. You would also want to remember them if you need piles moved.

Keep your chin up, it can only get better.


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