Small tracks for commercial mowers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I have thought about this before, but I really think it would work pretty good. They would be similar to those tracks kits people mount on their ATVs and trucks. They are a triangle type shape tracks and they bolt right in place of the wheels with no modifications. They would solve all traction issues on ZTRS and WBs, thus making them much safer, plus eliminate ruts due to their low ground pressure PSI. Plus they wouldnt tear up the ground as bad as tires when doing a zero turn, and you could tackle ANY hillside with a set of tracks versus wheels and tires! I think they would be fairly affordable as well. Anyone ever consider this or have any experience with the tracks kits you mount on ATVs and trucks?
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    Here is a couple links, and, These are for ATVs, but tracks for the mowers would be around the same size and configuration. Let me know if those links do not work.
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    They only tear up the ground if they have an aggressive tread. Ive seen tracks that just slide around and do not do any damage to turf. I guess it would be a trade off, either great traction and torn up turf or no damage, but hardly no tread? But If your just operating on grass, you shouldnt need real aggressive tread anyway.
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    You were thinking just in the back, behind the deck?

    It might work but it would be a highly specialized machine...
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    You should try it and let us know how it works out. If someone gets near my yard with those... [​IMG]
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    tracks on a ztr mower WILL destroy the turf without a doubt. Please try them on your best customers lawn and let us know if they like them.
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    Those green tracks on that loader werent tearing up the turf at all, but they didnt have much if any tread, but thats the trade-off, and mowers weigh much less than a skid steer. Some of those ATV tracks used the ATVs wheels and tires, and the rubber track mounted over the tires and went thru other rollers in the rear. The biggest problem is going to be keeping the rubber track on the mowers tires. I need to find a place that makes the rubber track itself, then I can design the rollers and internal parts of my mower tracks. But all this will have to wait til summer, as I have no money right now, just an idea! Just imagine how well they would stripe?!!!

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