Small Trailer Guys---Who is towing with 6 Cylinder Trucks?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Boaz, Oct 13, 2012.

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    For your size trailer a 6 will be fine. I would say stay with a fullsize don't go midsize, just b/c of breaking. I run a 1500 silvy 5.3 v8 and with a 16 open one ztrone wb plus handhelds & the rest it is matched up well. When I had a 5X12 single with a ztr didn't know it was there so you will be ok. Where in GA are you? If your upstate with more mountians then your gonna want some more hp, down on the coast not so much. I will say there may not be much trade off on gas 8 to a 6. I get 15mpg no trailer with the 5x12 loaded I got 15mpg the truck had enough power to not loose mpg with the load. A 6 might not be that way, just food for thought. As a point of intrest in my current set-up I get 10 mpg.
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    Depending on your circumstances, I would try to get a diesel if you could find one reasonable enough. The late 90's Fords are good, still are able to get the Turbo 7.3L after 1994 1/2 I believe and they are good trucks as my bro in law had one. Diesels go forever and they will never starve for power. One that has 100,000-130,000 miles on it used is just getting broken in and if you take care of it will go for another 200,000, your V6 wont do that especially if your pulling things. I have a 2000 F250 7.3L with a 6 spd manual and I pull lots of things including my landscape trailer, haul farm equipment, and whatnot, and it pulls anything I put behind it. Of course I started out with an 88 Dodge Dakota Sport with the 3.9 High Output V6. That worked for the time being, however if I had to do it over again I would've tried to get a F250 Diesel if I could. Mine just turned over 200,000 and runs just like it did when I bought it with 120,000 on it and the only thing I've replaced is the water pump and I did that myself. Plus if your concerned about mileage, Diesel is also the way to go. A V6 can get good mileage without towing anything, but soon as you starting towing things your mileage takes a huge hit...with a Diesel it pretty much stays the same unless your pulling ALOT, maybe only loose 2-4 mpg. I have done a few modifications to my truck so when I'm not pulling anything I get 22 mpg ( helps to have 373 gears instead of 410s and the 6 spd.) But when I start hauling stuff I still get 19 or so. I would say one of the only drawbacks to having a diesel is when it comes to repairs like major stuff, it is a fair amount more and they are a bit more to buy initially. However, my thought is by the time you make repairs and or account for possible overworking it, or spending money to upgrade things so that you don't overwork it, you could afford a diesel. I wouldn't constantly like the worry of when something is going to go on your V6 either...Diesel is kindof peace of mind for me. That's my 2 cents worth, not telling you what to do, just what I've experienced, hope that helps a bit.
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    A diesel costs more to maintain, most people can't repair them themselves, and diesel fuel costs a lot.

    Most LCO's I see are not pulling that much weight to need a SPC (diesel).

    I started with a wrangler TJ unlimited (long wheel base) I run it with the side curtains off all season. So the extra length makes the rear of the jeep as a short PU bed.

    It has a 4.0 straight 6 with a 6 spd manual. I have pulled 2,500 lbs with no problem. The jeep is rated to tow 3,500 lbs. A large and small mower and hand helds are not going to weigh more then 2,500 lbs.

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    Depending on what Brand and models of equipment he's pulling, He's probably got at least 2500lbs or so in the equipment he listed including trailer. Too much more equipment, I would recommend a gas V8. For what he's pulling he probably will be alright with a V6, but if he expands much, a gas V8 or maybe even a Diesel later on....I would figure out what everything your hauling weighs and check the payload of your pulling vehicle and make sure everything adds up before making a decision.
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    That is kinda the problem. I have a 2012 Toyota 4 Runner that is rated for towing 5000 lbs. I might just get my trailer and start acquiring equipment. As of now I just have trimmer and edger and blower. I looked at two more V-6 trucks today, but didnt think they would cut the mustard. Since I am buying the equipment used, price really dictates what I get. I will probably at least get some sort of 36" walk behind, or possibly a used Zturn. I might possilbly get a used walker. There is one for sale in my area, and if Its still available when I finally pull the trigger I might just have it. I looked at the Exmark metro 26 today, and wondered how many residential yards I could knock out with just that Metro and hand tools. As in start out with that 26'er and just mow till I NEED something bigger. I dunno.. A frustrating day of looking at junker trucks that are over priced. The family depends on the 4 runner too much for me to trade it in. I am trying to strech my truck budget to $10k for a F25O 7.3 or Cummins... Those are getting harder and harder to find in that price range. They are either beat to hell and back or low miles and the owners want a million bucks for em. Just venting fellas. I want this to start so damn bad, I might just skip the truck and go get me a trailer tomorrow and start with my 4 runner as a tow vehicle. I would be sick if it got tore up , but I guess I could be super careful. Its just me as I intend to be a solo operator.
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    If its just you flyin solo, you could probably get by with your Yoda for a bit until you are able to purchase something else to fit your needs. As for a mower, I've seen several used nice 48" walk behinds around my area for around $1500 or maybe a bit more. I have a 2007 Exmark Turf Tracer HP 48" and love it, only think I don't like about it is, most of my jobs are commercial clients with huge areas to mow and even with my other 52" ZTR running, I wish my walk behind was bigger, but I deal with what I've got for now...a 36" is a nice size for residentials(esp with gates) with not too big of yard, but soon as you might get into smaller commercial sized or larger residential's your going to wish you had a bigger deck...Just what I've learned from experience, even though you may not currently need a little bigger mower or whatever, if you can swallow the price some, get a bit bigger than you need at the and you'll be happy about it now and later when you might expand some. I made the mistake of buying a 6X12 trailer which sufficed for the time, but soon as I got the walk behind, its very crowded. Wish I would've gotten at least a 7x14 if not a 7x16. Just somethings to think about. "Just listen to your heart, that's what I do" - Napolean Dynamite
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    for a while i was towing my equipment with my honda vfr motorcycle. i need to find thsoe pics
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    found it

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    MY v6 Dakota GVW at the scales was 12k does that count?
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    that just sound dangerous.

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