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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Looking Good Lawn Service, Oct 1, 2008.

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    I have a question about an estimate I have to give this week, I saw the property, and there are approx. 4 trees that need to be cut, and then cut into logs and stacked for firewood, per homeowner request. Two of the trees are dead and are just like telephone poles, no branches, about 10-12 in diamenter and 25-30ft tall, the other one is about the same but with branches and foliage and the other is a smaller 6" diameter tree about 15ft tall. Now, there is no problem with clearance the trees have a large area with which to fall down, so there is nothing they can hit. I also have to cut about 20 x-mas tree size trees down and chip them in a chipper he is going to rent. How should I price the job, by the tree, hour, ect. I was figuring charging by the hour, and maybe calling a few tree co's to see what they say? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    To fall the dead wood I would charge $300 each and to log them up is another $200 each. For the pines, I would rent the chipper myself to avoid a customer using that against me in pricing. I would not, however, charge more than I paid for it. On 20 White Pines, I would charge $100 each to drop and another $100 to log up. The chipping would be around $50 per tree.

    So, my bid is: $7000 for this job.
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    First off i WOULD NOT charge by the hour because you wouldnt make any money..This job will probally take between 2-5 hours with nice sharp chains...Its gonna take ya MAYBE 1 hour to drop the dead trees and cut them up into firewood and at the most 1 more hour to drop the other trees ....Rent a big chipper or just find a tree company that is slow , they are everywhere and easy to find ...Give the tree company say 300 bux to chip the 20 trees ...If they have chippers like we have down here you can just shove the whole tree in at one shot and its done 30 seconds later :) ....I would do the job for about $1500 - $2000 bux and be at my house by 11am chilling on the couch :) ...$1200-$1500 BUX IN A FEW HOURS ? Ill take that money and run to the bank everyday ..
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    WOW! that is not even a one day job. You'd starve around here with pricing like that.

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