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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnyogi, Jun 15, 2004.

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    Client has two pines, 6" to 8" diameter, no more than 12-13' tall. He wants them removed. They are located more than 12-13' away from any walls/house/car etc. I was thinking about charging $400 for the pair to be removed and stumps ground.

    I feel fairly confident that I can do this, but after reading all these posts on tree removal needing arborists...I don't know.

    Any suggestions? (Be nice all you hardened-landscaper-hating- arborists out there.) :D

    Thanks for any and all suggestions!
  2. o-so-n-so

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    cutter down. If its a tree removal thing, just cut em and clean them up. Some towns require you to get a permit to cut a tree but I wouldn't even fool with that.

    What ever you do, don't let fall toward the house. Pull it if you don't feel easy about it. Cut close to ground, call a local stump grinder guy to do the stumps. Try to have him there as soon as you cut then you wont be waiting to clean up chips.

    Work around the stump grinder. Cut trees about 30 min before.
    Add a small amount to clean up chips. ($25.00)

    $400.00 is about right + $75.00 for stump grinding and chip clean up.

    You can do this in about 1hr 1/2 if you time everything right.

    later....................see...I was nice.
  3. D Felix

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    If in doubt, call an arborist.

    Where are you at in Indiana? I may know someone in your area.

    Go to http://www.isa-arbor.com and once inside the site, click the "find an arborist" link.

    I don't normally do this, but: If you do decide to cut the trees down, MAKE SURE you cut a felling notch. You won't need to cut a big one for these trees, but do cut one. General rule of thumb is the notch needs to be ~1/3 of the diameter of the tree. So, if you have a tree that is 6" in diameter, the notch needs to be 2" deep. Get into the habit of cutting a notch now, it may save your arse later down the road.

    Go over to http://www.arboristsite.com and do some heavy reading there. There's a lot of info on that site.

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    I am making some assumptions (like easy access) but I can’t resist responding to this thread because I am fascinated with tree work...I think there is great money it if you are busy. If you can get $400 it should be a very profitable job (I am amazed that someone would pay that though). These are the type of jobs where equipment makes the difference. I think a tree pro would do the job for a fraction of the $400. If there are no access problems, a guy with a 14 inch chipper and a 35 h.p. stump grinder could literally do this job in 15-20 minutes on their way back to their shop at the end of the day. They would make one cut on the tree and stuff it whole in the chipper, and it would take more time to back the stump grinder up to the stump than to actually grind it. I believe the reason the estimates that I see on here always seem so high is that without the chipper everyone gets so much labor in completely cutting up the tree, loading it on a trailer, taking it to the dump and unloading it. My neighbor just had 20-25 foot pines removed and he said they went in the grinder whole!


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