small tree removals after snow storm

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mowingtowing, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. mowingtowing

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    I had a customer call me today to come out and look at some leleand cypress trees that she wants removed. I get there and some are bent all the way over and she decides that she wants a quote for me to take about 10 of them out (not including stump grinding). I figured that they are literally next to where i can park my dump trailer and they are no more then 15' tall and wouldnt take 2 guys more then like 3 hrs to get done. So i quote around $500. She said i got the job and she would tip me above that. She also said that her highest bid was $4400 but other quotes were less then that. I was blown away. Do i need a lesson in quoting small tree removals?????

    obtw, ill be taking the debris to the dump at the rate of 30/ton (maybe 1.5 tons i guess)
  2. CutRight

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    $4400 seems high, but iv seen it before. Probably an arborist, but for their expenses its either the right price for them, or they just didnt really want the job and if they got it, then fantastic they make a high profit margin.

    I would of bid it around $150-200 a tree, plus hauling and dumping fees, so id end up around 1500-2000. still seems expensive but thats how it goes.
  3. mowingtowing

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    well, live and learn, luckley i dont see how this job could turn into something hard and I know ill still make some profit. Thanks for your input.
  4. WH Lawn Care

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    I would have gone 50.00 a tree plus dump fee. But then again it has been nothing but cold here in Pa, so at this point I would have probably gone 25.00 a tree. LOL
  5. impactlandscaping

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    Man, you could have easily charged $ 100+ per tree plus grinding and hauling fess and still been low bidder. I know the area, and she has checked other prices, obviously. Do a good job, underpromise and overdeliver, and she'll take care of you. She knows what you are worth to her. Try and upsell her on other services for 2006 while you are there.
  6. sheshovel

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    Dontcha just hate that?Kills me when they tell ya stuff like that..don't they understand that that hurts us when they give us that info?
    stick it to her on the stumpgrinding if your doin that.
    Let me tell ya something about these trees..wear your long sleeves and gloves at all times handling these trees andd eye protection too..they put nasty things in your skin and you've not felt pain tell you get nailed in the eye with the tip of one of those limbs
  7. mowingtowing

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    things have been slow around here for the most part now and itll be good to get some money in :) Sheshovel, good advise for long sleeves and gloves, its cold here so ill probably wear a jacket and gloves:) as for eye protection, basically when i wake up in the am i put some on, saftey sun glasses that is. I had lasik eye surgery a year ago (love it by the way) and i like to say i am SUPER careful with my eyes now.

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