Small truck choice.

AB Lawn Care

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We have decided to buy a truck this year.We want to buy a used small truck.My question is what brand have you found works well for you.It would be pulling a 8 ft trailer with the following.A 36'' walkbehind,push mower,trimmer,blower and 2 gas cans.I am looking for somthing good on gas,not gutless,reliable and that will have enought brake power.What would you get?<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

GrassRoots Lawn Care

We use a Dodge Dakota pickup. Not small, not full size, mid-sized is what they sell it as. Not very good on gas (9mpg) although it has a 245hp V8. Pulls well, brakes well, but the gas milelage could be better. We pull lots of equipment though (about 2500lbs).<p><p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida


I've had excellent luck with Chevy S-10s. The older design, pre-94 or 95, with 4.3L V6 automatic and 4 wd. They are quite heavy for their size, the frames are way heavier than the imports. I routinely tow 14 ft trailer with Lazer Z, Howard Price hydro walk behind, trimmers, fuel cans, etc.. Have also on occasion had a 30 hp compact tractor behind me, a bit slow on acceleration but otherwise ok. Have two of them right now, an 88 and a 91. Both of them get saddled with 8' Snow-Way plows in the winter as well.


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When I first started in the business over years ago I had a mazda B2000. Pulled a 10'trailer with 2 walkbehinds. Misc equip. in bed of truck. Worked great for start-up. Miss those days when I could fill-up and go for days without stopping at the pump.The people at the local TEXACO all know me on a first name basis now.

John DiMartino

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I use and recommend the S10 as well,I have had excellent luck with my old 84 EX-cab 4x4.I use it by choice over my Dodge/Cummins on certain days to pull my 18 ft 10000gvwr trailer.It pulls great up to about 4500 lbs.I also have a 6.5 fisher Minute mount plow and it is a great plow truck for driveways and small lots.I have Repowered it with a stronger engine-but other than that its a tough little truck.If Id had an import I would've broken the frame by now,they are a wanna be truck-they belong in yuppy driveways-not jobsites.<p>----------<br>John D<br>


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hello,<p>if you are gonna run this truck as seriously as it sounds you are, why mess around with a compact. just get a stripped down 1/2 ton with a v-6 and and you will get about the same mileage, same cost (trade in will be much higher) and same value along with a 8 ft bed, which you won't find in anything 'compact'.<p>steveair<br>


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Had decent luck with Chev S-10 2wd with 4.3l auto. pretty good on gas - good power but I was towing a 14' with big tail so it acted like a parachute on the highway. In the city it was great- I spent more money on gas for mowing than in the truck. <br>But I love my 98 silverado - I'll never go back.