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i've asked this question before, know i just want to know how many of you use small trucks for your business and what you use? with the price of gas the way it is, and i'm just starting out i cant afford the big trucks, even though that's what i think i need. so in other words, i want you guys to tell me "it's ok get a small truck"...


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By small truck, do you mean full size pick-up? An S-10 or Ranger? I would use a full size truck if you can. &lt;p&gt;Make sure you don't get a four cylinder even if you have to use a small truck.<br>Also, if you get a small truck, trailer brakes might be helpful.&lt;p&gt;John


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If you have to buy a big truck next year the few dollars you save in gas this year will be long gone. <br> Not sure what equipment you have but I have a long box and a 16' trailer and I never have enough room unless I am just cutting a lawn. Of course I load my trailer like a boy scout,, &quot;always be prepared&quot; you can never have everything you need or want.


well i started last year with a v6-ranger it struggeld to pull the trailer and i hated it,but at least it was a truck...4 months later i bout a F-350 and now im happy,but if you cant afford to get a big truck then start with a small one and just take it easy on it.and i think trailer brakes would really help.


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southern ontario
My partner and I used to have a Nissan and a Ranger. The Nissan was awesome on gas and we'd pull around a 4'x8' trailer with a 36&quot; WB, and a 21&quot; honda, plus our trimmers. Our blowers and gas would have to go in the bed, plus our lunch coolers and water jugs. Didn't leave a ton of space for much else. It's nice having full-sized trucks now, but we certainly managed ok with our 1/4 tons for a number of years. Both were stickshift and obviously better on gas then our V8's now. Nothing wrong with a small, economical truck if you're bootin' around doing smaller properties (especially if you side discharge or mulch). Not a ton of room for grass in the beds. The Nissans are reliable and affordable. Having said all that I'd still consider a used full size. Our newest truck is a 85 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 with 70,000km and cost $3,500 CDN.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>


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last year i pulled a 16' trailer with a toyota and it was not too nice but it works. I would say if you are pulling a ten foot and smaller trailer then a small size truck is ok but my opinion is you will not have to but will probably want to upgrade to a bigger truck with a bigger engine. No prob w small size if you ask me.<p>P.S. might have to use trailer for fall cleanups.<br>Dont frorget to get a 4x4 for snow if it snows by you.<br>


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Right now I use a V-6 powered Dodge Dakota. It's a wonderful truck, but only gets 12 mpg pulling a 6X14 trailer w/ one Dixie Chopper. As soon as I get as rich as ERIC, I'll buy at least a 3/4 ton with diesel or the biggest gas v-8 option they have. It takes a certain amount of fuel to get a job done I've learned, so get the engine/truck combo to do the job quickly. Long live the BIG BLOCK!


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Guys, up until 96 Ford put out a 300 ci 6 that could pull a house. Teamed up with a 5speed or auto. it still would save on gas compared to a v-8 and still get the job done for you. As a matter of fact the 97 F-250 was available with that motor also. It seems that they weren't retooled for the change over until 98 for F-250.


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I have had a few trucks,the first was a 94 f150 with the 300ci,and 5speed tranny,that got about 14-16mpg,it was a great work truck and it pulled better top end then my next truck which was a 90 F150 4x4 302ci.that got 10mpg..But then I graduated to a 99 F250<br>powerstroke diesel,which gets 16 mpg,and of course I can now pull just about what ever I want..The trailer<br>that I pull is a 6x16 and can hardly feel it back there......<br>I guess just like every one else it all depends on what YOU need!!<p>

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