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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bw, Mar 12, 2000.

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    I had a 94 Ford Ranger that had a 4 cyl. Not a wise choice. 8 months later traded for a 96 Chevy C1500 with a 305ci. It was good but still lacked in the power dept. Now I have a 98 Chevy C3500 with a 454ci. I can pull anything that I need and a bit more to boot. I think now that the money would have good to invest in a Diesel. I really like the new Ford Super Duty. Overall you really won't notice the gas trade off for what you need to pull, however once again it's all in what you need and want. By the way my 454 gets 13mpg in town. Pretty good for such a hoss!<p>Adam :)
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    i no this is off topic but here it goes.... right now i am in the process of looking at a new truck to buy. i have narrowed it down to either the chevy 2500 or the ford f-250. still not quite sure whether im getting the extended cab yet. the chevys interior is alot nicer than the fords but the ford also had a nice look. the chevy im intrested is a chevy 2500 extended cab Lt fully loaded. (34,000 bucks!) beutiful truck but i dont no if i want to spend that much. i am also considering getting the f250 reg cab well equiped wich is about 26-27,000. help me out! what do you guys think. i am definitly getting one or the other by end of summer! help me out!
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    just my opinion....i wouldnt want a really nice interior,when you use it for a work truck its nice not to always worry about getting it dirty,i really like fords and think they are a tough work truck,i think the chevy rides nice but it is not ment for work like the ford.
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    I have to agree with scott,I needed a good strong WORK truck and didnt need all the bells and whistles..So I got the 99 F250 p.s.<br>5 speed,2wd,vinyl seat,just a very basic truck..But it still looks sharp and was in the low 20s,,,and is a geat truck with lots of power.......<p>
  5. I consider my truck to be a &quot;small' truck.<p>I use a truck that started out as a half ton<br>that now is a one ton IMHO.<p>It's a 92 C1500 4.3 V-6 F.I. I bought new for $10k with<br>a auto trans., factory step bumper, and<br>sliding rear window for options.<p>I have added a 4.10 posi rear, hot computer chip, foam air cleaner,<br>rear overload shocks, 30&quot; LT tires, greedy<br>boards, and a handy ramp end gate.<p>I have V-8 power but get fuel milage of 15<br>when loaded down pulling a trailer and<br>between 17-20 mph highway without a trailer.
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    Last year was my first year in the biz and i had to use my 1990 Ranger with a four cylinder pulling a 5x8 trailer. it was a learning experiance. Especially if you consider I do bag some lawns and would fill the bed with grass. This off season I bought myself a 1994 Chevy 1/2 Ton. This should make things a lot easier. More power and a lot more room.
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    For the last 3 years I have been using my Chevy S-10 4x2 with the 4.3l V-6 w 4 sp trans. The only mod I made was helper springs in the rear. It has 77k miles on it and runs great. I pull a 14x6 trailer without any trailer breaks. No problems stopping wet or dry. I don't do snow. I like the truck but I do need bed space so this year I am putting boards on the side. These Chevs don't have stake pockets so I will design my own boards. Gas mileage is between 15 and 20. Dont buy a small 4cyl engine unless you are not gonna pull a trailer. The 4.3l 6 has lots of snot.

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