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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bw, Feb 18, 2000.

  1. bdemir

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    I agree with a and b that toyota is the way to go for small trucks. If you can get one with a v6 then you should be able to pull a trailer with a couple of walkbehinds. They make the most durable trucks in the world. They are known throughout the world for thier reliablility and durablity.
  2. Brad

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    I used to have an '88 Toyota 4X4 pickup with a 4 cylinder and 5 speed. Pretty basic truck with the exception of air conditioning. At the time I had it I was commuting 150 miles a day round trip. Most of the trip was interstate and 2 lane highway driving, with about 4-5 miles urban. In the summer with the air I averaged 25-27 mpg. I think I put a fuel filter on it at approx 150,000, had the valve clearance checked at 95,000, with a re-check at around 150,000, with no adjustments needed. Put a couple of differential seals in the unit as the breather would plug and I was very lax about keeping it clean. That ran about $30.00 per instance. I sold the vehicle at 225,000 miles and to the best of my knowledge it is still running as well as it was when I sold it. Since I am no longer making the commute, I decided I could spend a little less on a vehicle and still get some comforts. I purchased a '97 S-10 extended cab with 4.3, buckets, etc... I've had it almost 3 years, it has 17,000 miles on it, and if I could find a good used Toyota 4X4 at a reasonable price, I'd unload this truck in a &quot;heartbeat&quot;. Nothing wrong with it, but just don't feel it is as strongly built or as tough as the Toyota. Granted this vehicle will move, runs fine, does pull a lightly loaded trailer, looks good, etc, but I feel that it isn't condusive to the work. It is very much at home going to the mall or up to the local Menard's. Gas mileage isn't much to write home about. Maybe 23 on the highway is the best I have ever gotten. All things considered with my experience, if both of these trucks were hooked up to BW's setup, the Toyota with the 4 cyl and manual trans would be just as dependable and capable as the S-10. <p>I do not know about Toyota 6 cyl. engines today. I know that in the late 80's and maybe early 90's they were prone to an engine failure of some sort, (lifters, cam-shaft, heads, etc....) that was fairly expensive to repair, but once that was done, the engine was back in good shape, and I don't think the problem would re-occur.... <p>Just the opinion of a former/future Toyota owner.....<p>Brad
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    I have been using a 91 chev s10 with a 6cyl 4.3l efi w/4sp auto overdrive. Around the city it is great and on the highway it will pull at highway speed. Only problem is I got a 5 ft gate w/tight expanded metal on it and if I got a headwind I have to use 3rd. Otherwise its tough. I just wish I could put a dump bed or box on it.
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    hey izuzu trucks the stub nose ones is what their talking about . there made in janesville , wisconsin they also make w-4's which is the chevy version. they have alot of these in those truck mag. ive even seen them with plows on them they look good put a grain type dump on them tow a 16' drop gate trailer with it and have a plow on it what a well rounded truck they even have crew cabs and are under cdl weight limits. they cost between 20,000 to 30,000 complete with just might be my next truck i have an s-10 that can and can't handle the loads sometimes i see people look when im going threw town with a 150 bricks in the bed and towing 3 yards of mulch in the trailer i look like a chevy commercial. or an ediot i don't know hey if you can afford it get a truck not a wheel barrow small truck that is. <br>
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    mitsubishi also makes a good truck if you are willing to spend 30 to 40k. Also i own a 99 toyota truck and have owned them before but i have never owned one with a v6 but im sure if you can get one after 92 that it should be a workhorse. I sold mine at 167 thousand miles and it never had a problem.
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    thanks for all your help fella's, it sounds like on my budget a toyota is the way to go, but how expensive is it to repair them when something does go wrong, i heard it was expensive??? also i'm going to have to get an extended cab, which small trucks have the longest bed with the extended cab? as you can tell my problem is i want a damn 1 ton big ass truck but have the budget for a ford pinto(i'm just starting out)
  7. bdemir

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    they are average to fix unless is major like a trans then its costly. if you have a mechanic examine it you should be fine. make sure to check the front end suspension and rust under frame if you live in a northern climate.

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