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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by hoffman, Apr 22, 2007.

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    I am in central iowa looking to re-do a 4' by 8' small brick walkway. The home-owner laid it one year ago by himself, and now wants me to re-do it because it has sunken in areas so it looks very uneven. He said he laid down some sand, laid the brick, and filled the cracks with mortar. Any suggestions on how I should go about this to prevent it from sinking. I laid a small patio at the same residence a year ago by using a 3 inch sand base and compacting and filling the cracks with a fine sand and it still looks good. Should I use the same approach for this one or do i need to Provide a cement-base for an area this small?
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    goto belgard or techo-bloc or icpi websites and download installation manuals.

    You did the patio wrong, too much sand no crusher sub-base.

    getting the motar out between the bricks will be a major pain.

    lay 6" sub-base of crusher run (mix of various sized rock from dust to say 1") compacted in two lifts of 3" over geotextile fabric. lay down 1" od pipes in paralelle to evenly screed your astm 33 bedding sand, remove pipes fill voids with more sand, start laying pavers. Nail paver edge-restraint, sweep in polymeric and tamp. sweep/blow off excess and lightly wet with water. Collect check.

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