Small yards. Proslide or castering sulky?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dishboy, Apr 13, 2004.

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    I go Hydro today [Exmark 36 tthp] so I am looking for input from those who have used both the Proslide and Bullrider as to your preference in small yards with lots of small sections. Which is faster and which allows you to walk less which is the reason I am going Hydro.
    Thanks Tom
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    It depends.
    A bullrider sulky has many benefits and so does a Proslide.
    A Proslide lets you step off to walk small areas, but if you do not step off, it will take a little more room to maneuver due to that you can’t go in reverse more than a few inches. A BullRider will be nice in that you don’t have to step off at any time, but at the same time, it may get in the way in tight spots. I say it depends on what type and size mower you have and the size and layout of the lawns… If I knew these things it would be easier to tell you because I have had a castering sulky, trailing sulky, and currently use a Proslide (thinking about going back to castoring sulky for some lawns at least). A trailing sulky (like Jungle Wheels) will snake into and around tight yards pretty well, but it’s more difficult to back up with it. But it will get into tighter areas than the other two. If you do sharp zero turns it can jackknife also. See if you could get a demo of each one if that is possible, or even use them at the dealership might give you an idea as to how they may work for you. A lot of it has to do with the mower, the lawns, operator size & preference, etc.
    I’d say for a 36”, go with a BullRider. The Proslide tends to like a larger mower to drag it around. You may end up stepping off of the Proslide a lot to back up on small lawns also. With the BullRider, you can pull a pin or two and make it a trailing sulky so that is my recommendation. I believe they are both around the same price ($350 give or take). However, if there are areas you MUST walk, the Proslide is good at that, and it will really help the stripes a lot if that matters to you.

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