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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gibs, May 26, 2005.

  1. Gibs

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    I have this contract and its a huge property takes about 5 hrs to mow and trim with a 44" wb and this place also has 45 condo units but they aren't included in the contract but in the contract i do have to offer my services to these condos... and basically the yards r.. front yard 10 by 5(feet) long basicall and the backs 20 by 25(feet).. do you guys even bother unloading all your equipment and mow somehting this small.. takes me longer to unload and trim then it does to mow?

    thanks again guys
  2. marko

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    All depends on the price. Do you think you could get a majority of them? The positives are they are all together, and they are small. 500 SF of mowing might pay to get a helper w/ a 21" Toro and mulch them all. Might be hard to maneuver a 44" around on the property w/ gates and everything. I take what I get now, but in the future I would like to concentrate on 6,000 SF or less. They seem to be the biggest money makers. Even the worst case, say you got 20 of them, at $15 each, 4 per hour Thats $300, minus expenses, 5 hrs at $10/hr leaves $250, plus your other expenses. Might not be a bad deal. At least put it on paper to see if it's worth your while.
  3. Gibs

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    thats true i did have 16 of them 2 years ago .. but the only good thing that came out of those small contracts is the advertising by word of mouth that was just priceless.. but i do not do any lawns that arent under contract.. all my clients are under a contract so weekly payment only monthly..and these pl that live int he condos don't really have much money soo they expect to get their lawns done for like 120$ a year soo say 23- 24 cuts a year.. haha 5$ a cut and trimmed.. 4 a hr 20$.. but isn't really worth it when they should be atleast 10$-15$ a cut..
  4. mkirby

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    Wow for 5 bucks each at 500 square feet. You are crazy not to take these!
    You say it takes an hour to do 4, I hope that includes a 50 minute break?

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