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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Mikey.D, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Mikey.D

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    Hi Guys...I would value your opinions: I'm contracting over in Australia running honda 21" atm. I've got about 60 contracts of various sizes. Just turned 40 this year and realising that walking all day is becoming more and more's bloody hot and humid here in summertime. So I want to make the leap to a ztr both to make what I've got easier to do and also to take on some bigger jobs. Since contemplating this I've already picked up 3 1-2 acre jobs of manicured gardens that are waiting for me once I've got the equipment (build it and they will come!)

    So I've been looking around and most guys around here use Toro but they are big machines and I didn't really feel they suited the majority of my clients. Then there's the walker which I didn't like the control and super expensive. Gravely have a look in here too and it's the gravely compact pro 34" that I like the look of the most. It fits through gates and seems pretty nippy and from what I've seem on your site they seem to have a good rap...except for the rutting which can be solved with wider tyre mod. The question is can I still realistically cut a couple of acres with it? Is there an alternative that people use? I tried side discharging the walker the other day in one of my residential sand it seemed crazy dangerous with stuff flying people do this or stick with muching. Thanks, great site you have here.
  2. Mikey.D

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    ...I get funny looks from the dealers around here when I start enquiring about small ztrs as nobody uses them they're all into the big stuff.
  3. loveitgreen

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    Check out Walker. They're not for everyone, but if your clientele is after a manicured, striped look, nothing beats them.
  4. Mikey.D

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    Yeah, checked out the walker...didn't like the control and he wanted 14k (Aussie dollar) for the 14hp model which I find a little pricey at this time.
  5. echo

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    Wright Sport, Snapper Pro S75, Ferris Evolution
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  6. Jaybrown

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    Wright 36 or. 40 something stander. The best on hills
  7. Joel D

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    Sounds like a stand on mower would suit your needs better than a z-turn. Toro's have a pretty big tires even for smaller decks like the 36 inch. You can still mow some acreage with them as well from what I have read. I don't have one, but I probably would if I was in you situation.
  8. Mikey.D

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    I have never seen anyone use or sell a stand on mower around here and the wb's that you guys use are extremely rare over here.
  9. Joel D

    Joel D LawnSite Member
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    It may be worth checking into. You can always be the guy that starts the new trend, haha.
  10. dan dan the mower man

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    Good to have a fellow Aussie here I'm from Perth W.A :waving: and yes I have a small ztr( Hustler mini z) 42 inch that I use on residential jobs because it is small and can fit into back yards with small gates. I run it with the side discharge but with mulching blades or gator blades depending on the conditions. Yes it will handle your larger jobs the top ground speed of the machine is about 30k/hr which is plenty to gobble up your larger jobs. The only thing that you will have to watch is that some of the smaller models are built for residential use and not commercial use. so do your homework before buying as the commercial machines are a lot sturdier built than the residential ones. have had mine for about 4 years and it hasn't missed a beat and the 25hp Kawasaki motor is enough to get thru the tallest kyk. Well done to you Americans another well built machine that you have thankfully give us:clapping:.

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