Smaller Dovetail Mower trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 12Valve, May 31, 2010.

  1. 12Valve

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    Im really starting to hate dragging around this trailer....traffic is the worst ive ever seen.

    Anybody put a dovetail on a ranger, 1/2 or 3/4 ton?
    Seems it would be a perfect city setup. Solo operator 36"wb and a push mower....

    Anybody have pic? A company that makes them or are they all custom built?
  2. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

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    i will try to get a picture for you this week of a company here in va that had them on rangers and F 150 they have a local welding shop build them
  3. rcslawncare

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    Most far shops could hook you up, and fro the added drivability not to mention and fuel milage, it would be a smart choice. If you go for it, please post some pictures as these are usually cool. Id have mine made out of aluminum and have a headache rack with LED lights in it!!
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    I totally agree. I hate trailers most of the time, just another piece of equipment to insure. Not to mention break, fix, barrow, steal, store,.....
  6. flatlander42

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    did any of you find out anymore info?
  7. stevenf

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    I looked into this a while back. Pull-a-part junk yards are all over the U.S. they sell every part for a set price. Truck beds are like 150.00 and my local yard has 6 flatbeds. Im considering getting one and making a dove tail with fold down sides
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  8. Exact Rototilling

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    I like the idea of fold down sides much like you see for ATV trailers. ...however from a practical and safety stand point not sure? I've been brainstorming this very all started with the pics of the Ford ranger dovetail conversions just mow it trucks...Clark's etc.

    I'm currently using a single axle enclosed 6 x 12 and I pull it with my older 4 Banger Toyota truck or V6 4runner. Parking has been an issue trying to not block driveways or mail boxes etc.

    I'm leaning towards an 8 foot bed half ton for a conversion but I'm concerned it will get to close to Max gross even with lighter mowers like my quick. Also I'd want to be able to still tow. I have not seen a hitch on any ranger dovetail conversion to date. Or even on a full size conversion.
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  10. Exact Rototilling

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    I'm trying to decide if I want to grow the business and become an employer if it's even worth the hassle fest to go beyond solo. But if I was to hire help it makes more sense to NOT have them pull trailers. Many of my current accounts require a 21" mower for grass swells and a mower bigger than a Quick 36" WB is pointless due to 40 -42" gates on most of my accounts. I have zero interest in expanding my business model past Mow & Blow for smaller properties only - plus aeration and some lawn renovations. The biggest and heaviest mower I would ever entertain would be a Toro Grandstand but these mower are heavy compared to Quick BOP mowers. Single heaviest piece of equipment would be possibly a Lawn Solutions Stander aerator.

    OK....time for a little criticism of the Ranger Dovetail conversion.

    • Lack of ability to tow a small trailer in pinch...of all the pics of these trucks I have never seen a hitch on any of them. Any trailer towing would basically require the 4.0 V6 which yields worse MPG than the 4 banger ranger.

      Total cost of flat bed conversion fabrication and installation
      Weight of steel flatbed over factory bed thus reduced payload.
      Increased cost of an aluminum conversion over a steel unit to retain payload.

      Lack of space for grass clippings....just can't get away from this many want clippings hauled off.

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