Smallest Bobcat for sod?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Tadams, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Tadams

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    Here is the problem that I am having right now: I am in the market for a new or slightly used bobcat skid steer. It will be used for moving pallets of sod around (3000-3500 lbs.) using a Harley Rake, some landscaping, irrigation trenching, and some grading. I went to the local dealership and told him all of this and asked him which one was the best skid for me. Oh, I want tires and not tracks. He tell me that any of them will work except for the sod. Then he says that the S-250 is the smallest one that will lift that much off of a trailer. The S-220 might move it around on the ground but it wont lift it up very high. I have read all the specs but different people have told me that those numbers are very low for safety aspects. I have used a friends S-250 and it worked great but I'm just wondering if the 220, 205, or the 185 will work for my needs? Any of them will load into my dump truck so the radial vs. vertical is not an issue. What say all ye skid streer gurus?
  2. AWJ Services

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    Look at the pics on the machine lifting ability post.
    My Takeuchi has a 2000 pound roc.

    My friend has a S220 and he does everything I can do.
    Granted you may not take a 3000 pound pallet raised half way up and go down hill with it but it will do what ever you want.
    Unloading sod off a truck is not a problem.He does it all the time.
    The S220 is a good machine.

    Have you priced it at Rienhart equipment?
  3. desii

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    As I understand it, Bobcat's lifting capacity is the number of the machine plus a 0. Meaning that a 185 will lift 1850 (safely) and a 250 is rated at 2500, etc. I have used a 185 and would think that moving a pallet of sod would be pushing it for that machine. Maybe not just unloading it, though I'm not sure.

    Personally, I have a New Holland LS185 and have no problem moving a pallet of sod.
  4. Tadams

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    Thanks AWJ! the main thing that I am worried about is lifting it off the trailer and moving it where I need it. So you think the 220 would do what I need? I have an older Hydramac 1850 and it just doesn't have the cajones to lift the pallet when it is full. reinhardt is the dealer that I went to last month and checked out their inventory. Are you from Rome?

    You are correct, Desii, about bobcat's skid number being the same as the lifting capacity but I would think that they are actually higher in real world applications. Did you like the 185 other than the lifting ability?
  5. AWJ Services

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    I in Jackson which is about 60 miles south of Atlanta.
    I purchased a Kubota tractor from them .They had the best price on it anywhere.
    They delivered as well.
    I have never even seen anyone that works there.Did everything over the phone.

    I would try one for myself before I made a decision.
    If you try too unload on uneven ground it makes it a little touchy.
    You also have the option of adding weights as well too increase stability.

    I also would suggest that if you can afford a bigger machine spend the extra money for it.People sometimes will sacrifice alot of performance for a few thousand dollars.
    The S300 is a good machine as well.
    You should beable too find a good cab/ac unit for under 30k.
    An s220 like will only be a few thousand cheaper.
  6. skidster32

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    find a refurbished S250 with low hours, its the safest bet. it will easily unload pallets of sod. i have unloaded full pallets of flagstone before with an S250 with no problem what so ever.

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