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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by CURBAPPEAL NC, May 31, 2006.


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    What is the smallest tractor that has or can accomodate a backhoe. I say smallest because smaller usually means less expensive. On a budget! thaNKS
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    Kubota BX 24. About $18,500 I believe. But really if you want a small backhoe. You really need to think with a bigger budget. These sub compact tractors are not like full size machines. You can't just beat on them all the time. Just not designed for it. I got just a compact tractor and it gets abused.
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    backhoes on compact tractors can be a touchy subject since it is so small it really doesn't have that much digging force not to say you can create serious damage to the carrier machine not just the hoe attachment and blow thousands of dollars.

    what do you plan to do with your machine,like is it limited access? if not save your money and invest in a larger machine its the only way to go.
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    I had purchased a 2004 Challenger 255 tractor. This year I had a need for a back hoe that justified a purchase as opposed to rent. I have found a 3pt hitch back hoe is an accident waiting to happen. I set my mind on a frame mounted unit. I was quoted nearly $6000.00 for one that just came out. I was also told It would take 20-30 minuted to change from that to a 3pt hitch implement.

    I priced a mini excavator ($14,000) in the 8-9k size range for a decent one with no warranty. I priced the new B series Challenger 265 with a hoe. This would cost me about $14,500 and I would have a warranty. I went with the tractor even though I felt I needed the power of the excavator and have not regretted it.

    The 255 was in the 28 HP range. The 265B is in the 33 HP range. I feel the hoe has enough power for 98% of my needs then I would need a Cat 311/312 size machine. It takes me about 5-8 minutes to change from the hoe to a 3 pt implement and about 10 minutes the other way (lining up the hoe can be a challenge on uneven ground).

    I see a lot of BX24 an similar unit around and if that works then do it. Otherwise a frame mounted hoe on a 30+ HP tractor is min.

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    VT K9
    WOuld you min gposting some pic of your challenger. Im curious to see what it looks like because I cant find any pics of it?

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    Simplicity has the legacy xl you can get the rear bucket for, i think its in the range of with diesel 27hp motor, front 500lb capacity bucket and rear "small" backhoe, $15,000
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    I rented one like JCB a few weeks ago. It was pretty good for its size. The front wheels liked to jump around a little, but nothing more than I expected. It is great to get in and out of tight areas and not dig up too much grass.

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