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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by HokieAg07, Mar 20, 2009.

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    I did a bunch of searching and I think I know what the answer is going to be but I figured Id get some more opinions on the matter. A client has asked me to give her some proposals to help her go "green" Currently we do not manage the irrigation on the property however I do see this as an opportunity to potentially take over service.

    Right now there is a 18 zone Custom Command with no rain sensor. Obviously a rain sensor would help but she is interested in going further than that. A controller that is run off ET or soil moisture is what I am going after.

    Rainbird has nothing and the new one that is in the pipeline looks crappy. - Not impressed

    Toro has the Intellisense, while it is a nice controller I dont like how it relies on data that is downloaded every day.

    Hunter has the ET System but dont know much about it and the weather station is not wireless

    If there is one thing I have seen while being on this forum it is that a lot of you guys like your Weathermatic stuff. Unforetunately Weathermatic isnt really used in this area so I dont have much experience with it although it is available through one of my distributors.

    Looks like the SL1600 and their wireless weather station would fit the bill.

    Just looking for suggestions and opinions...
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    Thanks Kiril!
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    You say she has an 18 zone controller. How many actual zones? the SL 1600 goes to 16 zones. You might need the SL 1620 which goes to 20 zones.
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    I was wrong its 15 so the SL1600 will work...

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    I definitely would consider an experiment with soil moisture sensors. I still think an ET based program with moisture sensors is the ideal way to go. Only problem is keeping the run time from building up in the controller when the sensor has it shut down. If you could set a max ET run time in which it would not add time beyond that point seems another way around that problem. I tried the BASELINE with the WM SL.
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    sorry hokie.
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    It's alive!! :drinkup:
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    I like how he hides the apology in a non-relevant post.

    Where you been man? Finally out of the same jail as Bootsie?
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    Reduce his rank to private, not even first class.

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