Smart Flicker Flame Modules

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by ChampionLS, Jan 11, 2008.

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    I started to really research this topic. I found a company that makes Smart flicker flame modules! They make Line and Low Voltage units. One quick pulse of the supply power and it switches between normally on or flicker mode. Very cool.

    Available now! the new By-Pass Simflame module, using this module the flicker effect can be canceled and your lamps brought to full brightness simply by briefly interrupting the power (for less than 1 second). This module is perfect for chandeliers, sconces, porches, decks and other lighting around your home, perfect for attraction style lighting because the lighting can be brought to full brightness for safety, cleaning and maintenance of the areas where the lighting is located. The modules by-pass feature can be disabled by using the dip switch located on the module.

    SimFlame uses a software driven microcontroller and the latest electronics to produce a simulated flame lighting effect. It creates the natural glow of candle flame, oil and gas lanterns from standard incandescent bulbs. Simflames effect is warm and subtle, lamp control is done gradually not stepped like most other flicker modules.

    3 - Channel Low Voltage Simflame

    Model - LM035
    12 Vac 60 Hz operation
    8 flame effect settings
    35 watts max per channel
    combine channels to drive 100 watts
    size = 1.6" x 1.4" x .75" with 6" leads

    $79.95 each.

    Available here:

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    Nice Find Anthony.... it is going in my 'files'.
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    Thanks Anthony, Just added it to my favorites. I have a perfect use for this one.
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    Thanks Anthony!
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    (I just ordered one too)

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