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Discussion in 'Franchising' started by littledaveslandscape, Jul 10, 2016.

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    Just curious to see if any of you have ever heard of the Smart Lawns Franchise, owned by Chris Noon and Matt Noon. They built a huge application business and sold it to Tru Green back in the beginning of 2016. Just seeing how many of you have heard of them and if any of you had checked them out. I have been talking to Chris and he seems like a class act guy. Any info that you have would be appreciated.
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    Nope never heard of them...they must not shoot their help.
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  3. Efficiency

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    We've given Chris good money as a consultant and he's worthless. No follow thru. No ethics - go read yelp or any consumer review site for their noon business that was going as of last year and you'll see how they ran their ship. I wouldn't do business with him, especially his franchise where you owe him royalties for the rest of your business career.

    Further food for thought - what's the resale potential for one of the territories? I'd argue they are worthless. Even a national lawn care like Weedman will be truthful and say only other franchisees will buy your business. You want to be one of their first guinea pigs and get stuck with a business that has no resale? No thanks.
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  5. Lawnappmo

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    I listen to his Web seminar the other day. Sounds like if you know nothing about spraying give him 50k and he will get you trained and buy his truck/Equipment.

    Sounds more like you are a sub/employee.

    If I'm not mistaken grounds guys integrates the business you have now into their name.

    Good luck
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    Wow-food for thought. Truth be told unless you have money to burn a franchise is not a great fit. You can self educate on all matters in the green industries and are better off starting a business and then using a reputable consulting firm.

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