Smart phones, apps, tables????


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Read an article about forgoing the pen and paper with clients, bookwork etc and getting with the program.

I am all about staying with the tech. that is out there but when do you make the jump to do all?

Example - I fill out all these sheets for psraying/fert all the time, invoice, leave at door, etc. Sometimes an invoice lands behind seat, or they lay in truck for a while etc. I am thinking with an app, smart phone - isn't there something out there that will send that to the office vizz email or donwload that nite off the smartphone?

We already take the labtop to client for landscape, then they have a vision of whats to come but it seems we then re-draw on paper to take to the field.

Just looking at stream lining things, staying up in the world and not falling behind. What do you guys do? What apps ya all run etc.

Salcido Lawn

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Tyler, TX
I've been looking for one, myself. Not much out there! I did find a website that looks promising.
I spoke with them, and they even did an online tour with me! They have some cool smartphone integration and even better stuff coming! I think I am going to switch over them them within the next two weeks.