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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by villagegreenlandscape, Aug 22, 2007.

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    From Mike Rene at Weathermatic regarding the no front panels that are just now hitting the stores around me...

    Weathermatic is pleased to announce the release of valuable upgrades to the SmartLine SL1600 Series controllers - incorporating some of the most requested enhancements from our customers.

    First and foremost, the SL1600 Series now includes a Real Time Clock/Calendar (RTCC) to maintain the clock and calendar at the correct time and date during power outages without the aide of a battery, regardless of the duration of the power outage! The SL1600 Series will maintain the ability to add a battery to be used for programming the control panel when it is removed from the housing. Initial shipments will still include the 9V battery even though it is not required for the clock and calendar memory.

    Next, the upgraded SmartLine SL1600 Series models are easy to identify with a fresh new look including graphic icons at each dial position. For even more simplicity, we took customer input to rename and reorder the Program Start Times and Zone Run Times positions so homeowners are better able to understand the two time related settings.

    Four new programming features are included with the upgrades:

    1. Backtrack Stored Program feature allows the contractor/user to program the controller in its entirety and then store the programs with the ability to retrieve those programs in the event a customer changes the program(s). Bet you could have used this feature before!

    2. The SL1600 Series unique EXTENDED RAIN SHUTDOWN feature that precludes watering for an additional 48 hours after the rain sensor is ready for more water is more flexible now as a programmable feature allowing a selection of 0 – 99 hours, with 48 hours remaining the default and recommended setting for most applications.

    3. The SL1600 Series ability to select and clear a program has been enhanced to include a CLEAR ALL feature allowing the user to clear all programs with the touch of a button.

    4. Last but not least, a RUN/SOAK review feature has been added to the REVIEW section of the Advanced Function menu allowing the AUTO ADJUST user to view the maximum run time before soak and the minimum soak time by zone based on the Soil Type, Slope, and Sprinkler Type (precipitation rate) settings.

    We hope you enjoy these valuable upgrades and thank you for your input – keep it coming!
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    Wow, no front panels, programmed from the factory w/your ET? My rep
    reminded me I had been sent a comp controller when they came out, I
    reminded him I tossed it out the window of the mo/ho as we went by, however, changes seem to have been made & I would not have gotten into
    this without some trusted forum buddies likin' it. I bet the "new & improved"
    Smartline has a faceplate that belongs at Ken & Barbies tract home. Matell
    must have a design team for W.M.:hammerhead:

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    Just try the clock and give us feedback Mike. Give it a chance. Is it RM no. But at the price it really delivers. It is not a "So what clock" like what Hunter, Toro/Irritrol, and Rb have out right now.
  4. Mike Leary

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    Yes, I ordered one today w/ the weather station & I'll give it a honest test.
    (Hank's testing one w/weather also; we'll be able to compare our readings, even tho we're 12 miles away,many, many miles away in micro-climates)
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    Looks like it came out of the same factory in China though. :laugh:

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    Got that right. Personally I'm getting a little beat down by all the Made in China excuses for problems. I guess the question is would you pay $20 more per controller to have it made here? $89 vs $109? At least it is american knowledge but the trade deficit with China must be unbelievable.

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    Plug it in at your house on a table and explore every feature it has. I have no doubt you will find ways to expand its capabilities. I prefer to use accurate precip rates versus spray/rotor/drip setting. If I see new plants I'll put on annual setting and after establishment switch to w turf or shrubs. The bench mark is cool season fescue I believe mowed at 4-6". Keep the flow chart in the guide handy. switching from NEXT to ADJUST VALUE takes a little practice but once you get the flow chart memorized it goes really fast. Not real wild about the speaker wire modules, makes pigtail hook ups a pain. We use those trailer light connectors to speed up our pigtail hook up. Post a a lot of questions and thoughts. I am really curious as to how you and Hank respond to this timer.

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