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  1. mr mow

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    :dizzy:Do any of you guys use a smartphone for you business, and if so what software and phones do you use? I somehow would like to track my jobs on my phone i.e. whether they are done or not, customer balances... My problem is after working a full day at a regular job, then mowing, the last thing i want to do when i get home is get on the computer. I would like to just grab my phone when done with a job and quickly go into my phone and click that its done and date or when i go to postoffice and get checks to just enter them quickly. I dont want papers blowing around the truck if you know what i mean. This year i got kinda disorganized due to not keeping up on paperwork. would be nice to once a week say on sunday morning go through my phone and enter info. any input would be greatly the way i use gopher at home so if it worked with that it would be a bonus. Thanks! :dizzy: ps im solo
  2. mr mow

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    anyone ?
  3. PLM-1

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    I've got a BlackBerry. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've got a downloaded program that connects my phone to my computer. I also receive e-mails and the like which really help.

    Alot of people have Iphones these days. To me, those are just toys that aren't for "business".
  4. mr mow

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    probably wouldnt get an iphone cause i would have to switch carriers from us cell(they own all the towers in my area,never a dropped call) to sprint...i do like how they look though. been checking out the bb storm. can you give me examples of how it helps you with your business?
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    Right now I use a pda with windows mobile. If you are going to get a smart phone you should try to get one with windows mobile 6.1 that way you will have excel,word,powerpoint,media player and all kind of third party downloads.My pda has all of this but it's getting old (2004) so I'm looking for a
  6. nnj18

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    I've got a blackberry will never go back
  7. Prolawnservice

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    My new blackberry bold should be here today, I've had a blackberry 7100i with nextel for the last three years and don't know what I'd do without it, Nextel is just too expensive so we swiched to at&t and I'm upgarding to the new Blackberry. I can't wait:)
  8. Green Pastures

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    It's interesting that you say this. I'd be interested to have an intelligent conversation with you why you say this and what exactly brought you to this decision. The iPhone is clearly not a toy and may not satisfy your needs in a business tool but I personally know people with iPhones and they love them and do alot of business on them. International and domestic business with great success. Several people I know state that even with the problems in the AT & T network in this area, their iPhone is an essential business tool they would never give up. Personally I need 100% connevtivity and will not change carriers or phones till I find both a tool (phone) that meets or exceeds my needs and a network that is up to par. In this area At & T needs some work and it has nothing to do with the iPhone.

    I believe that it's the caliber of people who buy iPhones that have given the iPhone a bad name. Kids who have to have the latest cool gadget.

    I currently use a razor on the Verizon network but have been looking into a business tool to help me track current jobs, clients, prospective clients, and appointments among other things.

    The iPhone is an absolutely amazing device. Apple has singlehandedly revolutionized the way we look at cell phones.

    In my area it's the AT & T network that keeps me from getting an iPhone and looking into alternatives to the iPhone with similar features. The AT & T network in my area simply sucks. There are numerous completely dead areas where no signal at all can be had. I've never in 5 years with Verizon had a significant problem. Occasionally I get a dropped call but I can always call right back and get connected.

    I demo'd an AT & T 3G phone about a month ago and was disappointed, really disappointed with their network.

    In my extensive research I've found that the iPhone is really the best device for me and many iPhone wannabe's are also good devices but none have all the features of the iPhone that I both want and need.

    Having said that, just like I've always said here when the discussion turns to mowers, blowers or weed eaters, if you need to know what works for YOU, demo the unit you want against some of its competitors in the real world and find out for yourself what YOU like best.

    We are all different and there really is no one device that's the "best" for everyone.

    Thank God for diversity in products.
  9. BeautifulBlooms

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    Mr. Mow U.S. Cellular has HTC smartphones so you dont need to carry around a phone and a blackberry.


    1) You can check incoming weather situation and alert your crews.
    2) You can check traffic slowdowns to reroute your crews.
    3) You can check your emails anytime throughout the day to be able to save travel time on sales calls or site visits. (I also highly recommend if you have an office line with noone attending to it, to get an answering service instead, who immediately emails out all phone calls to you)
    4) We will be using ours for timetracking in the field using TimeTTracker this coming season for job costing
    5) You can easily store your entire contact list (emails, phone #'s, addresses, etc. etc.)in it for easy searching to call your customers if service needs to be delayed.

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    Had a blackberry and now have the Iphone. Wont ever go back to blackberry. Just for the full internet browser.

    Il admit there is alot of stuff on there that is NOT nesecary. But alot of it comes in handy. I had AT&T to start though. I totaly understand about not switching carriers. Thats a pain in the ars.

    I feel that when I get out in the sticks here the Iphone does a tad better with reception. Not much but a little.

    AT&T is dominate around this part of the state and nothing else works worth a crap, unless your standing right in the middle of the interstate!

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