Smoke coming from solenoid on dumper pump?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mklawnman, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. Replace solenoid $10 I would say same on as on a ford.

    Replace wire ends, and tape ove the new conectors so they are covered.

    Use dielectric grease on conections.

    This will sove most of it.

    As also said above clean it. Degreser and clean it good.
  2. mklawnman

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    Well as i was trying to losen one of the nuts off of the motor the whole bolt was twisting as well and i was being careful, well ended up twisting the top half off with the nut, then when I was trying to get the other nut off the rest of the bolt was twisting as well, so we took the motor part off of the pump and ended up getting the last nut off but with the copper bolt half gone. So I have to call the dealer up and talk with them and get a new copper bolt and sotter it back to the wire that connects to the motor. ITs all in a box right now, going to call tomorow sometime to get this straighten out. Was going to clean it, but trying to get the nut off the bolt was twisted off, so hopefully it wont cost too much, or I need a new solenoid or pump. It was just smoking by the nut bolt connection cause it was very dirty and the connection was lose.
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    Just get the motor rebuilt! It's not gonna cost you a million dollars or something!

    Take it to a local generator/alternator/starter repair shop, let them do it! They do this every day!

    It aint worth messing with it.

    Sometimes you may be surprised at how cheap a NEW motor would be!

    Often times the things you think would be cheap are rediculously expensive, and the things that you think are expensive as heck, are often times cheaper than you expect.

    Just don't jury rig it! You don't want this thing breaking when you got a couple a ton of material in the dumper!

    Sorry if I sound rude, but you really should have been able to diagnose this on your own. And spend money where you need it! Being in this business, you need to spot things that are going to be maintenance items, and almost predict thier lifespan.

    Good Luck!
  4. mklawnman

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    Your not being rude, its just I dont know what could be wrong, if its the connections that are bad or if its the motor itself. My dad is a mechanical engineer and he suspects its a motor going that its drawing more amps that it needs to and thats why the connection is heating up and smoking alittle.
    Im only 20yrs old, give me some time here, this is the first time i bought a dumper that has a electric motor on it, I'm pretty good at looking at things and figuring out what could be wrong, but with this pump I dont wanna fool around with it. Just thought someone would be able to help on here.
  5. mklawnman

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    Well today we put put a new bolt in, well put a nut on and welded another nut to the nut so we could screw another bolt so it would be long enough to connect the copper connection to the solenoid.
    WEll after making a new copper connector, got it all back together, pushed the button and up it went and it even sounded more powerful than before, so the connections were so corroded and the copper connector had a big hole in it so not much connection for the electricity to get through, thats why it smoked.
    Problem solved :D

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