smoking deal on 2002 ford f350 ext cab v10 with aluminum dump body is something wrong

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lawnsbybrown, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Hey guys I came across a 2002 ford f350 ext cab xlt v10 4x4 with 119,000 miles. He bought it at auction and it had a fiberglass utility body which he sold and its now just a cab and chassis but he has a 10' aluminum flat dump body with a head ache rack it has stake pockets, its in ok shape and he said he trusts the guy he got it from and it I was still thinking this was out of my price range but he told me $4200 and I can even put half down and inhouse finance the rest with no this guy trying to dump a load of problems on me or is it just my lucky day? The truck is red and looks great....maybe it was in a wreck and rebuilt? What should I be looking for here thanks in advance for any help, im driving back over to the guy now to take pics to upload....oh and the guy is a local tractor dealer/mechanic/farmer 1/2 a mile down the road from me....oh and the truck is as is where is, but I did start and drive it up his mile long drive way, everything seemed fine, the 4x4 switched in no problem and nothing was alarming....I feel like I NEED to do this deal , so id love some feedback!!!! Thanks!!
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    Im sure some guys will chime in with tons of info on those trucks but for me I wouldn't want to burn the fuel the v10 does and a buddy of mine at the ford garage said those v10's were hard on the trannys from having so much power.
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    Buy it and the money saved to a comparable truck keep in the bank just in case. Coils and plugs are pricey, known to spit spark plugs out and ruin threads, exhaust manifold leaks/bolts breaking. I owned a 99 v10 and got about 10mpg. On my chevy's with 6.0 v8's I'm getting 10 to 12 mpg so not much difference.
  4. maelawncare

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    The v10s are great trucks. I have had 2 so far.

    I got 140k on one and 210k on the other. Never had to change the plugs or coils. Did spit a spark plug, but that was because the shop didn't torque them down properly when checking them. The exhaust manifold bolts do rust and break, those should be done before they are a problem.

    Run a carfax on the truck. If it looks ok, buy it. Probably one of the reasons it is so cheap is because of the v10. Many people think it is a huge gas hog, which they are not. They are very comparable to a v8 in a 3/4 ton but will pull a hell of a lot more.
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    Thanks for the insightful reply!!! Just what I was looking for, tell me what I want to hear....! haha
  6. lawnsbybrown

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    thats what im frugal...enjoy the endless list of services this truck can help perform.pushin snow bub yesahh :usflag:
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    Now thats just strait up funny :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    I have the v10 in my 07 F250 crew cab 2wd , definitely a gas hog. I did a long drive in it, all highway at night, hit absolutely no traffic, ran through a full tank of fuel. The truck was empty, no weight other than myself, a passenger and a few bags in the back seat, might of all added up to a total of 400lbs. I still averaged less than 14 mpgs. Put a full load in the bed or even an enclosed trailer and city driving and the mpgs drop down to 8 or so mpgs. When I ran my full year numbers last year, that truck ended up averaging 11.75 mpgs.

    The good notes about the truck. I have just under 130,000 miles and have not had a problem at all. I did lose a rear breakline, but luckily that happened as I was pulling out of a driveway doing up hill. Also I have gone over the scales with over 6,000 lbs in the bed, the rear end was equated as far as it could go, but the truck drove as it if it wan't even there.
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