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Theres alot of smokers in the business i am not one of them and could not imagine smoking in hot weather while breaking a sweat. Smoking is not helpful when push comes to shove. Although, I have seen some good lawn foreman who smoke and they do just fine so it depends on the person i guess.


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I don't smoke myself, unless it's a cigar on a special occasion like luch or dinner.<br>Really though, the only thing I really regret about all of my employees smoking is the 50 smoke breaks they need each day.


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I'm a smoker, but I don't smoke on the job site. Before and after my stops. The reason is where do you throw the butt,not in a persons lawn I hope. I'd like to QUIT,maybe this winter,as I don't smoke in my home either cause my wife and son are allergic to it. Just my thoughts. Mowman


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I don't smoke and never will. I see people on a regular basis who are disabled due to smoking. Both my parents are disabled and our EMS and hospitals systems treat people DAILY who have assorted medical problems as a direct result of smoking. <p>Funny thing, remember when Perrier water was tainted with benzene? Our government protected the public by pulling this water from store shelves and people refused to buy the water until it was safe. The funny part, ONE cigarette has over 100 times the amount benzene as a bottle of the &quot;dangerous&quot; water, yet cigarettes are still legal. <p>If you smoke and you know the risk, please accept the disabling diseases that are a side effect of your choice and be responsible for paying the medical bills associated with it. My father suffers from emphysema and the bills are amazing, I don't want to sound harsh but why should the public tax dollars pay for this treatment?.<p>Ray


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I don't smoke either. saw this man one time. He had emphysema smoking through a hole in the bottom of his throat. saw a report on 60 minute where doctor say the leading cause of impotence in men over 40 is smoking. Smoking narrows just about every artery in your body choking off blood flow and nerve movement. Among many other deadly problems it causes. Drugs ,alcohol combined do not equal the death and illness caused by smoking. But it is a free country and you should have the right to choose the way you die,I think. Just don't blow it in my face lol.


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Definitely no smokers here in the family.<p>Sorry, but smoking in my opinion is disgusting. It makes your teeth yellow, your hair and clothes stink, and your finger turns yellow from where you hold the cig. YUCK!<br>And that's not mentioning all the health risks.<p>And what about kissing? It would be like licking an no thanks.<p><br>Jodi


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All right...enough about smoking...this a smoker bashing post? How about you dippers out there! Let's hear it for Cope! Couldn't get thru a lawn without it!


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I don't smoke. And most of my help doesn't smoke. My biggest concern with smokers is not to set any gasoline on fire. I started carrying a fire extingisher this year-long over due. The fire extingisher is mounted away from the gas cans.

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