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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by paradoxer411, Jun 19, 2012.

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    There is no sandy compost. You put down sand or you put down compost.

    Adding organic matter is the way to improve a soil. Top dressing with 1/2" of organic matter and aerating every year will continually improve the soil. Eventually the soil and organic matter will mix together.
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    Why can't you "cut" the compost with sand? This is what I do with my compost pile, I let it rot down and then mix it 3/1 with screened sand.
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    I dont know if you tried your 75lb roller yet, but I think you will find it will not make a noticable difference. I use a 970lb roller to get rid of frost heave, but the roller wont cure a bumpy yard. I think the other fellows are right, you will need to top dress to get the desired result. Good Luck
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    Solid clay soils here and they are not concrete after topdressing with fact you can actually dig in them now. The sand+clay= concrete is bs. Sand is all they use around here for topdressing.
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    But there are pier-reviewed research papers from prestigious universities that say what you guys are doing , is impossible and you need to stop before all of GA is one big parking lot made of concrete/adobe... :)
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    Yeah I know...what people fail to understand is that even though we have clay based soils, they are not 100% clay. If my Sand topdressed lawn was concrete can someone tell me why it's full of earthworms?
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    If I didn't mix with sand the cost of topdressing would be prohibitive here. The topsoil available is crap. Somebody said the same thing about mixing sand with clay and it didn't create concrete.
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    Your lawns just haven't fully cured into concrete yet...give them a few more weeks...months...years :)
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    Ok, so I have tried the roller, and as said above it really didn't make much of a difference. Due to the fact that the lawn isn't very large, I feel that I could top dress by hand, and probably use a hand aerator(not afraid to work hard to keep from spending too much money). I am going to be making around $2000 here in the July month, So i may use some of that money to invest in this equipment and top dress. What compost or top dressing material could I buy at Lowes or Home Depot? Could somebody also give me sort of an all around guide for the actual top dressing process? There hasn't been much rain here in Iowa, so I feel like I would have to water a lot during this whole process.
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    Search my old posts
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