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    Hi, I've been looking at the 24/52 Super Mini Z. I have demo'd a left over 2004 model from my dealership. I was the first one to mow with the unit. It only had 0.3 hrs on it whenever I got it. I must admit that I was impressed with the unit; especially the speed of it. I did plenty of research before hand, so I knew what to look for. I did experience burn spots in the lawn and there was fuel seepage around the gas caps. I have a document from Hustler that shows, I believe, four styles of gas cap. I believe the ones I saw were not the latest and greatest, but were also not ones that were being retrofitted. How much do the latest and greatest caps cost, assuming I would have to buy them myself.

    My dealer will sell me the unit for $6700 or $6900 for a new $2005 model. Is there any difference between the two mowers? Would you get the 2005 or 2004? He also called me today and told me he took on a 2004 model SMZ 24/52 on trade with approximately 40 hrs. on it. He left a message, so I'm not sure about the price of this unit. I would be interested in this unit if the price was right, good condition over all, heat shield installed, and if the warranty was transferable. Is the warranty transferable? I will only be using the mower to mow my property of approximately 2 acres. Probably overkill, but I'm one of those people that like to have the cream of the crop.

    Do these prices seem reasonable, and if so, what mower would you guys be the most interested in? Is hustler considering offering a non-metal discharge chute? Also why doesn't't the discharge chute stay in the up position? Has anyone been successful at increasing the bend of the chute to allow it to stay in the up position?

    Any pics available of the heat shield installed and does it alleviate all problems with the engine's cooling air burning grass?

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    Gas caps, if your dealer does not have the latest cap on the unit, make sure it gets it before it leaves his store, this is to be done at no cost to you.
    There is no difference in 04 to 05 models other than maybe a seat in the early 04 units, if it has a gray colored seat, then it is current.
    We do not label or manufacture or market model years, we make changes and improvements to our products as needed, not on calendar year or model year basis.
    We are now allowing warranties to be transfered in certain cases, e-mail me all the information on the mower (model and serial numbers) and I can submit it for consideration.
    Heat shields are installed on a as needed basis, not all units have the need for them, if you feel you need it, tell your dealer and he can get a shield kit from the factory.
    We have looked at many types of discharge chutes and I do not know when a change will be made in regards to them.
    The chute on a 52" machine will not stay in the up position for a couple reasons, safety and also there is no room for it to do so, only our 60 and 72 inch units have the room for them to "lay over", you should have it in the down position anyways.
    Hope this helps.

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    SMZ44 you can install a handel like a screen door handel to the top side of the chute (obviously) to keep your fingers out of harms way and use a bungee cord to hold it up.
    I would also like a plyable discharge chute, I have had to restraighten mine twice, i also had to put a taper on the ft. side to keep it from digging into the ground when turning on a slope. It works good now, I just have to pay attention to the right side trees ;)

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