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    I've got a lot of good story's, but let me start with one of the best. In the 1980's i worked at a golf course as the irrigation tech. They had a maintenance facility with a storm drain grate in the center of the compound and a underground gasoline storage tank that leaked. The storm drain had 4 ft. concrete pipe's with 2 manhole's between the facility and the outlet that emptied into a lake. (see illustration) One day someone flicked a burning cigarette butt into the grate at the shop. There was gasoline leaking into the storm drain, that gas caught fire inside the pipe over the whole length of the storm drain. There was was fire coming out of the manhole's and the outlet. it burned for about a hour, the fire dept. came out but said there was nothing they could do but watch it burn. It looked wild. Let's hear your story's.

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    That is a good one. Of all of the things i have done, lighting the storm drains on fire is not one of them.
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    My first year doing irrigation my boss, myself and another tech were installing some 8 and 10 gpm heads on a steep bank.The day was going well we were actually able to pull some 1.5 and 1.25 pipe with the 255..I think it was a week long project or something and on the last day my boss had a few to many beers for breakfast.. He was real cocky with the machine and was moving it pretty fast on a pretty steep hill.. As he is moving the machine across the hill with his body on the high side of the hill, he drove over a very small rock with his steering tire on the upper side of the machine/hill. Well he forgot to lock down the plow, gravity pushed the plow to the lower side of the hill and with the rock slightly pushing the machine off balance It started to roll...It kept rolling about 30 more times until it hit the bottom of the hill..bobcat and a chain got it upright and she started right up minus about half its hydraulic fluid..

    My boss proceeded to tie a real good one on after that..

    another time I had a real yeller of a boss and he was yelling at me after we broke down with busted flat on the side of a highway..none of it was anyone's fault just bad luck..Well he didn't have a jack or a spare which was totally my fault..Next thing he is yelling top of his lungs at me a few feet away and just stops..I hear a real loud fart.. and the guy just frowns and says nothing...He sh!t himself then had to wipe his @$$ with his own company's sweat shirt..

    that was awsome..
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    I had a puller tip over as well, but not rolled. Just fell over on its side. Yanked it back up with my truck and rope, and all was fine. But rolling 30 times..... classic. Which I had seen it. I know exactly what you mean about the blade swinging back and causing it to roll.

    Best story of the week. :clapping:
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    I'm sure you all have some more in your back pocket!

    come on
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    I'd have to check on the Statute of Limitations before I could post the good stuff. :p
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    The statute of limitation's has long run out. I know you have some good story's, c'mon man, spill.
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    I never did anything as dramatic as rolling a plow (thank you Pipe Piper, for the low center of gravity) - I'd contribute my travails in replacing a utility water heater yesterday, but it may deserve its own web page, having moved beyond pikerdom to pipe art.

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    A large portion of my good stories start with "hold my beer and i will show you how we do that back home" and end with me waking up in the hospital.

    I was roading the backhoe down a mountain road in some pretty steep country. My swamper was riding on the running board and hanging on to the ROPS. My dog was laying down under the seat post.

    We were setting culverts and had a coffee can with shackles, drift pins and a ratchet laying basically under my seat.

    We got to travelling pretty fast down this grade when the rig started to bounce and the swamper bumped the gear shift into neutral.

    Now we're freewheeling and i stomp on the brakes but they won't work because the coffee can full of crap has rolled under the break pedals.

    I'm grinding gears trying to get slowed down, got the bucket down but can't roll it because it has a bunch of band couplers and shovels in it.

    Things were happening pretty quick and i hollard at Mike, the swamper, to "hang on and wake up Doobie, cause she aint ever seen a wreck like we're gonna have!" Mike hollars back "I can't, she bailed just after that first big bounce".

    I wound up spilling all the crap in the loader bucket and got stopped before we got killed. We picked up all of our stuff, threw the coffee can in the loader and went to find Doobie.

    Doobie was laying in the middle of the road, panting with her big old Doobie grin on her face.

    Doobie lived another 10 years but never would get on the backhoe again.
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    show us your art, you never post your own work :)

    jesus that's some funny plumbing

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