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snakes on the loose


LawnSite Member
i was weed eating a ditch yesterday and got into a nest of cotton mouth's. i killed 8 of them, i would sling them out with the weedeater and my helper would cut there heads off with a shovel, my client said he had never seen a snake in his yard before. i should have charged combat pay. lol


LawnSite Bronze Member
by the way do you have any pictures of your 8x20 trailer? I would love to see the side fold out door and this ez storage deal. I am considering an enclosed trailer, probably a 7x 14 or 16.

lawnboy dan

LawnSite Platinum Member
north florida
brian -since i too am in jax-i can relate and it also scares me just a bit. were these babys? we used to kill them in ditches when doing comm.props all the time. tell me these weret full sized! with the extreme drought -they may be on the move looking for h20


LawnSite Member
Haha.... That sounds like a fun day.. Last year we had a snake on our dock at my camp and we got the 22 out with bird shot and had a field day... Then we cut it open with and axe and about 6 baby snakes came out... Glad we got her before she reproduced!