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  1. King_Cooper

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    I saw a lot of lizards and frogs last season, and I always see snakes. Very rare up here in the city, but I did see a copperhead once. Killed and disposed of it right away. They're the only venomous snakes we have living in my area. All the garters I see I just move out of harms way. If the homeowner wants to kill them that's their business.
  2. lawnspecialties

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    Last week I saw my first lizard of the season sunning on a brick wall.

    Then on Friday, I was blowing some leaves along a stone wall. It was around 35 degrees at 8:30am. I'm blowing the leaves and low and behold, a 4' black snake lying there underneath the leaves. He was not looking too happy.

    I assume he had been out the day before because it was much warmer but the overnight cold front must have caught him off guard.

    I was able to pick him up and place him on the rock wall to get a little sun. He eventually slowly moved underneath a shrub but you could tell he was not handling the cold too well at all.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Ya, ground hornets, bad deal.
  4. hillbilly1188

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    heck, snakes i see as same as dogs,cats, and all animals if you dont want them. take care of them quick and dispose of them.. even bunnies... but in most peoples eyes only dogs and cats are pets.. but you can buy all at a pet store... kill all types, not a pet person... makes me sick of hearing people saying dont kill that snake, deer, duck, turkey, rabbit.. i have a pet snake myself feed it rabbits so im killing a rabbit..... it will eat cats too. i hate them more than rattle snakes
  5. hillbilly1188

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    bet a cat would be h*** on the ztr. lol
  6. JeffH1

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    I hate snakes...I'm too busy running to kill them or relocate them.
  7. King_Cooper

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    They got me good at a house I was cutting last season. I told the lady about it because she has young kids. She must have taken care of it because I never got stung again there.
  8. jeeperscrow

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    Underground yellow jackets got me a couple times last year. I ran over their hole once at a yard without even realizing it...the second time I went over that spot I realized it real quick :hammerhead:
  9. King_Cooper

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    The worst is when they fly up your pants and you get that "Oh ....!" feeling. luckily the furthest they've gone is my calves.
  10. simplelawns

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    I hate snakes! I run like a little ***** when I see them lol.

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