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  1. lawnspecialties

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    Two years ago, I ran over a yellow jacket nest with the walk-behind aerator. I never knew anything until I was under attack. They only got me five times before I could get away.
  2. ROS_Grounds

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    My Land!
    Thank God I live and work where its too cold for those things...

    Anything that moves faster and more subtle than I can follow with my eye... needs to go... Specially the venomous ones... we let a garder snake go last year but anything that could kill me or others would be fertilizer!
  3. craftsmanracer

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    I've had water moccasins actively chase me...those things mean business!

    Almost felt bad when I was untangling him from the end of my trimmer.

    I have had an 8 foot gator follow me up and down a 500' bank once though.
    It was swimming about 3 feet off the shore. I tried scaring it away with my trimmer (hitting the water with it) he/she just went under water for a second, and came right back up and kept following me.

    I did the sloppiest lake bank ever that day, it's hard not to scalp it when you are staring at the dinosaur that is either curious or potentially wants to eat you.

    Called FWC after that job and let them know of a potentially aggressive gator, the next day the client called me up and told me "three large men from the state came and wrestled it into the back of a pickup truck"
  4. Chris_NC06

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    That's why I hated Florida. Too many scary critters that can kill you.
  5. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    Lets hope they relocated it and didn't make it into a pair of boots and a wallet.
  6. Chris_NC06

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    Hopefully it was fried up and served with ranch dip.
  7. New2TheGreenIndustry

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    Hmmm. I would have said cut off jean shorts and wife beaters.
  8. Patriot Services

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    Yea, everything here has teeth,fangs,barbs,microscopic hairs,claws,thorns and various topical toxins guaranteed to cause everyrhing from a rash to respiratory paralysis or necrotic tissue loss. Hell my arms look like I lost a fight with a box cutter and all I did was load a big pile of Bougainvilleas today.
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  9. jeeperscrow

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    :clapping: :laugh: Hahahahaaa!! GOOO DAWGS! :)
  10. craftsmanracer

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    We call em poke-n-killyas, or devil bush for short.

    Only thing I hate almost as much as those are the small palms with the looong skinny needles towards the base of the frand. They poke through any gloves I wear, and every poke gets infected.

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