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  1. Littlered

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    I'm in SC and have seen a number of "brown snakes". They say they are good around gardens for insects and worms but will still put a little hop in your step when it goes skirting by your boot while weed eating! Did a yard this morning(before the rain out) and saw 5 within a 300 sq ft area. Must have been a nest?
    I've only seen one poisonous one this year and it was a copperhead. Don't know how the mower missed him but I screamed like a little schoolgirl when that thing came rolling out from underneath and between my feet!!!
    No, I didn't get him with the mower...Like I said, I was to busy screaming like a little school girl.
    And try to live that one down when your the owner and your crew is rolling in the ground laughing at you.
  2. Bryan27

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    I only hate 3 kinds of snake. Live snakes, dead snakes and sticks that look like snakes.

    Up north you have to go looking for a venomous snake to find one, down here you have to look out where you step to avoid them. A cottonmouth is the only snake I know of that will actually go after you, they are dangerous and aggressive. Any place down south that's worth fishing at has cottonmouth and I'm not giving up fishing for a damn snake.
  3. Patriot Services

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    Plenty of snakes this year with all the rain. Pygmy rattlers burrow under the slabs of houses and driveways. Rain floods them out and they hang around in the beds and under bushes. Agressive little pissers, not even afraid of a trimmer. Wicked fast too. That's why we wear high top boots and long pants. You'll see the county guys and inmates wearing snake guards when they're hand hogging ditches.:usflag:
  4. austins35

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    funny thing is although snakes cannot hear air born sounds. They detect vibrations

    I see snakes fair often trimming or mowing. The last place on earth you'd think you'd see snake is close to a mower or trimmer.
  5. walkerowner06

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    I was cutting some hedges a few months back and a hognose snake was sticking his head out the top and he had it fanned out like a cobra. I just yanked him out with my gloves on and relocated him across the street. I still don't understand why people are so afraid of them when all they do is run when you see them.
  6. Rick Danger

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    The only ones I ever see are garter snakes, and I do whatever I can not to kill them. I think snakes are cool. Then again, I've never encountered a poisonous snake in the wild, although even those ones just want to mind their own business.
  7. mclarke

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    I only see Yellow-Ribbon Snakes here in WI (common garden snake. Black with yellow stripes running head to tail). Pretty harmless and can be picked up by hand. Ive seen around 4-5 in my life and caught 2 (and released). There fun to pick up and look at and let go.
  8. JDA790

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    That's just too funny!!!
  9. DawsonLC

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    About stepped on a Copperhead today while moving a wheelbarrow out of the way. Scared me,
    I think he was scared of me as much as I was him, he ran off first.
  10. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I really hate snakes and whenever I see them I run the over. I usually only see gardner snakes here though.

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