Snaper Pro that 's 18mph?


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Stopped at a snaper dealer that had some new mid-mount grasshoppers that I had to check out. Owner was telling me about these new snaper pro ztr's are the fastest mower you can buy. Top speed at 18 mph, I am demoing one next week, I think hes blowing smoke up stick's bum hole. But I'll see, anyone got one?

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Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
No, I don't have one but I'd be willing to bet that even if the Snapper did go 18 MPH that it wouldn't provide a finish cut at that speed. Even the "World's Fastest Lawn Mower", the Dixie Chopper S'BURB'N TURB'N, at 13 MPH lays only claim to production mowing at that speed. In my area, with the conditions and turf type that is prevelant here, finish mowing (99.9% of blades cut on one pass) can only be accomplished at top speeds of around 6 to 7 MPH.


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When you find if the 18 mph speed is true or not, please post or e-mail me. I know the snapper probably couldn't cut at that speed, but 18 mph is awesome!

Rick Wallace


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Flint, Michigan
Actually,18 hp is not even enough for a ZTR. By the time you power two pumps, push the machine (with rider),and turn the really don't have much. I've learned that with a ZTR, unless it's a really small deck like 52 on down, that atleast 23 hp is needed for all around mowing.


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You must have had a long day man !! :)

Re-read the post, he said 18 MPH, not horsepower!

It may have a traveling speed of 18MPH but you can't cut with it.

We have a TORO groundsmaster that you can go about 15 I think, but you can only turn the blades on in lower speeds.
Of course there are ways to rig it, but the quality of cut drops by half when you speed it up that much. Byt the time you mow twice @ 18 MPH, you could have just done it right @ 9 mph!!

Let us know the "real" facts when you find out.



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May be driving from the trailer to your lawn, you could go 18mph. But I doubt you could cut at that speed. The dealers probably BSing you!