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Snapper 21 Commercial mower

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Everyonce in awhile we run across a lawn that has to be mowed with a 21" mower and just needs to be side discharged. Have an old lawnboy 2 stroke but the drive needs to be repaired. It works pushing it but why when it is supposed to be self propelled. Parts are getting hard to find for it so was considering the new SnapperPro 21" Commercial mower with the Kaw engine on it. This bags and has a side discharge. The Honda's and Toro's are great mowers (love them both), however they either bag or mulch, neither side discharge (the honda will with a side discharge chute but it doesn't work well with damp grass), that is why we still hung on to the lawnboy. Anyone have a new SnapperPro mower? They look like they are built fairly well. I did see a post that someone thought they didn't cut the grass low enough, any other concerns or kudos? Thanks.
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the new ones are fine with out the belt tensioner-with the tensioner -better lear to work on them-the belt gives mega problems
also if you need to do ditches and side slopes-look else where-these only drive one wheel and dont provide much traction
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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