Snapper 21" mower drive driven system falling apart 7061276YP

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by roody2333, Jul 14, 2018.

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    have not even put 5 hours on this new snapper commercial ninja 21" to change the 5-hour break-in oil and it's falling apart. I think I just got a defective one or something. Anyone ever have this happen? I have a used snapper hi vac 21 with plenty of hours on it and it doesn't have this problem at all.

    I'm basically only posting this though because I'm linking the thread to Snapper in order to show pictures to see if they'll just send me a new 7061276YP hub driven disc kit, or if I have to go through the warranty process and bring it to a shop. And if they have an explanation.

    Basically the main hub with the black rubber wheel is meant to slide over a hex rod which spins everything. The inner sleeve though is falling out from vibration. It should be that the inner sleeve is welded into the main hub and never come out. It seems as though it's just friction fit! I guess I can put JB metal weld paste on it but I don't feel safe using this mower I wear safety glasses. I almost want to put a plywood shield to block the view of the whole drive system but then I can't keep an eye on it (e.g to make sure driven disc is adjusted right at max speed right on the edge of the flat horizontal wheel and not hanging over the edge which could cause a problem if it goes out of adjustment slowly on its own) and I wouldn't be able to put a bag on it with a plywood shield. sounds ridiculous but mowers scare me, and I've used pretty much every tool there is but mowers scare me, even just the snap ring holding the sleeve on could go flying despite this issue I'm having. I do like the mower a lot besides that though.

    Anyway, that snap ring is all that's needed to be removed in order to take the kit apart to change out the bearing - The sleeve should probably just be one-piece or welded instead of friction fit in there. I'd actually rather there were a way to omit the snap ring and just have a tab that bolts the sleeve stationary to the black metal cover over the rubber disc.. anyway before I go trying to design a new mower I'll stop.

    snapper  (13).JPG

    snapper  (3).JPG

    snapper  (5).JPG

    snapper  (9).JPG

    snapper  (11).JPG

    snapper  (12).JPG
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    I’m sure that you have to go through the warranty process, as EVERYONE else does.

    That’s cool you shared, and I hope you get it fixed. Don’t bellyache here about it, doubt they’re gonna see it.

    JB weld? Plywood? After reading that I wouldn’t warranty it for you, I’d think you tampered with it...
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    I would let the dealer effect repairs so there wont be any excuse for them to deny you service as JLSLLC stated. In the interim, I would be calling Snapper and let them know what happened and start a paper trail in case you need it in the future. Most dealers only change parts and get the machine out the door, never relaying the info back to the manufacturers on potential issues.
    Snapper Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-317-7833. If they dont give you any satisfaction, call the parent company, Briggs & Stratton’s corporate office at (414)259-5333.
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    Yes go through warranty process.
    If mowers scare you this bad, why do you mow lawns ?
  5. roody2333

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    nah I'm just sayin if they assure me that this hub kit is defective and is never supposed to slide out like that no matter how hard you try, and if other snapper owners say the same - then if Snapper were ok with it of course I'd rather they just sent me the new hub kit instead of dropping it off to a repair shop and everything.

    would probably void warranty if it were an engine issue and they knew you used the wrong oil or 'non genuine Honda oil' some small mower brands do.
    or if you use aftermarket parts but I don't think if I were to install a black plywood shield in front of this (clip it to the handlebars without drilling into anything) that it'd void warranty as a non-genuine aftermarket part replacement.

    I linked thread pics to snapper will see what they say.
  6. roody2333

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    It's not totally uncommon for a manufacturer to mail a part out with proof of purchase, everyone doesn't have to go through a warranty process sometimes.

    The JB weld thing ; I wouldn't do that and then bring to a warranty shop, that could void it.
    But I'm sayin if the replacement one still is a bit loose then I might put JB weld or something in the sleeve.

    I don't think they forgot to glue this one or something , it seems all are just friction fit but strange how mine worked loose in 4.5 hours of use.
  7. ed2hess

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    Not a cheap part..

    Screenshot (18).png

    I don't remember the part looking like this maybe new design......maybe simple quality problem? Is the piece that came out pressed in?
  8. roody2333

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    The non commercial snapper 21s are slightly different because they use different black rubber friction discs for the commercial and non commercial. Basically the non commercial one is all a rubber disc instead of that $50 metal part with a smaller rubber disc on the edge.
    but it still has the same inner sleeve and the snap ring (dunno why every pic of that part shows a solid ring beside it instead of a snap ring).

    Some say the non commercial works just as good and lasts longer because yea the entire hub is all a rubber disc - it doesn't have to be changed out as soon granted when it wears down far it doesn't get so small that the spring can't press it hard enough on the flat horizontal wheel beneath it. They says the commercial one has bearings but the non commercial I have (2012 I bought used) has bearings too.

    Anyway yea it's just press fitted. The pic with the needle nose pliers you can see it almost looks like the inner sleeve cracked with part of it still in the hub is what I originally thought but the part in the hub is a separate plastic female hex sleeve.
    Would think with all the vibration this part sees that it would at least be press fitted with some sort of barbs on the metal so it can't back out, or welded in. I don't see a reason for it to even be 2-piece to begin with - just remove the snap ring and the hub can slide out to change the bearing.

    luckily I caught it happen right before it fully out and then woulda been that male hex shaft riding on the bearing, but the bearing does have codes on it I can probably find them for $2 ea so no problem if I have to swap that.

    But once I tapped that sleeve back in, it would work itself out quickly. To finish the lawn I had to press it back in like 4 times in 10 mins.
  9. Green Industry Pro

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    That's insane dude, I've had one since 2009 and used it commercially off and on with no issues. Only thing I've had to replace were random parts on the Kawi engine/shroud.
  10. ed2hess

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    drill hole and put metal screw in to hold it....or try gorilla glue and press in..temp fix

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