snapper 250z and mulching kit

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    I just bought my first ztr and made it the snapper 250z 38" 18.5hp. I chose it mainly for the price i got it for and i wanted the smaller deck size because so i could get into tight areas and the 44" would not fit in my shed!. I have used a troybilt 33" walk behind mulching mower for the last 3 years on my 3/4 acre yard and i like the way i can go back and forth w/out the grass blowing out in either direction. My ztr does have the side discharge and i kept having problems blowing the grass into my flowerbeds, neoghbors yard, etc. I was told there was a mulching kit available for this mower from my dealer for around $130. He did not go into detail but is is this for just a couple of blades and a block off plate? Could i get some ninja blades and do the same thing for alot less. Also would having this mulching all of the time hurt my mower? thanks for any advise or response. I do mow a total of 2-4 yards each week, i have elderly neighbors that i mow for so i dont know if this makes a difference on the mulching hurting the mower.

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