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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by baldbeefman, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. baldbeefman

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    Okay, don't laugh. I bought this mower because I'm just getting started and my wife won't let me buy a manly mower until I get enough contracts to pay for it. Anyway, I bought this mower, it was zero-turn, hydrostatic drive, had bagger, and cheap. I figured I would keep it for getting through gates and buy a BIG mower later. Well, the mower sucks at bagging and the cut is awfull. I have to drive about half speed to get a good cut, which is SLOW! Is this because its just the first of the season and the grass is all weeds and bend more? Will it get better? Is it something I'm doing?
    I'm thinking about buying a Kubota 60" diesel, most of my friends own either Dixons or MTD ZTR mowers.
  2. Eric ELM

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    The blade tip speed on most home owner mowers are to slow for a good cut. Speed the rpm's up to the maximum your engine should run at no load and that will help some.

    Of the 3 you mentioned, the Kubota sounds the best to me. I have a diesel Chopper and love it. If you are getting into this for the long run, the diesel will save you enough on fuel over many years to pay for it. Mine burns half the fuel my other gas Chopper uses, so it adds up. The price of fuel is supposed to sky rocket, so anything to save a buck is needed.
  3. curry

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    I bought the 33" Snapper ZTR mower at the first of the mowing season for the very same reason. THIS MOWER SUCKS! I used it for three weeks and it never cut worth a flip. I called dealer three times and he didnt believe me. The right side wouldnt cut at all(its a single blade). I leveled the deck and checked and leveled blades but nothing would work. I finally took the mower to the dealer, backed it off the trailer, cut one path, and went and got the dealer and showed him. He couldnt understand what was wrong???? Snapper gave me a full refund if I traded up. I got the 42" Snapper ZTR and have used it now for about 200 hrs and it works great. Dont know what the deal is with the 33" but like I said earlier, it SUCKS.
  4. bruces

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    I bought the 38" Snapper "Yard Cruiser" ztr (don't know if this is the same thing you guys are talking about) for my own use last year.

    I have a fairly level yard with lots of trees, etc. It worked fine & cut ok. This year I started mowing commercially and found out that it does not handle slopes worth a darn. It has single joy stick for steering control, so it is very hard to control if you get off of level ground. I would not buy another for anything other than residential (personal) use on fairly level ground.

    I bought a 52" Toro Z and couldn't be happier with control, steering, etc., no comparison to the Snapper. The Snapper is a homeowner unit only.
  5. Hoosier Mower

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    When I first got started I also bought a Snapper 42 inch "Yard Cruiser", well the should call it a "Yard Crapper". The thing was worthless for commercial mowing and cuts like crap! Like Bruces said it is'nt worth a darn on any kind of hill or banking and you have to mow at a snails pace to even get a decent cutting. I would recommend selling it as soon as you can and get a more commerical mower, I understand that the money issue is very important espically when just getting started but in the long run it'll pay for itself. I'm with Eric, of the three you mentioned I'd go with the Kubota, from what I've heard about Dixon, they're just a more expensive version of a Snapper. Try maybe a Grasshopper or Toro, they're a little cheaper than the Lasers and Choppers and are both quality mowers. Best of luck.

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