Snapper 48" 19 Kawi Comm ZTR List $4999

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MisterLandscape, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. MisterLandscape

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    Hi, Im a snapper dealer in Gainesville, Fl. We sell primarlity Hustlers and Ferris but since Ferris and Snapper were bought out by the same compnay the decision was made to stock Snapper in Place of the Ferris mainly because of name recognition. I just got done booking for next year. Snapper Commercial has a new ZTR 48" with a 19 Kawi with Full commercial warranty and it lists for $4999.99. We will probably sell it for list becasue there really isnt that much mark up in the unit as Snapper wanted to get it to be under 5 grand. This is alot lower than the Tiger cub and Hustler mini Z 48 and 44". How do all of you feel about Snapper Commercial Zs? The price is awesome and the machine seems every well built. Also has duel hydro pumps/ motors. 7 gauge deck (model is not shown on their web site we are scheduled to get 6 of the new one in december) new to posting so I just want to say I'm not trying to sell this on lawn site im just trying to see what everyone thinks...thank you
  2. Tider6972

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    We're seeing some of the Snapper commercial units here in Montgomery.

    They look OK to me, though not in Hustler's 'heavy duty' category. I haven't spoken to anyone who has operated one. I have seen one lawn maintained by a Snapper z, but it is not a good lawn on which to judge quality of cut.

    Clearly, the price is competitiveif not low, for list.

    Good luck with it, and welcome to LawnSite!
  3. impactlandscaping

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    We used Snapper mowers exclusively for the alst 5 years until this year when we switched to Wright Standers. The 23/52" Fastback was an awesome mower, and the walk behinds were pretty much bulletproof. Snapper doesn't really get the credit they deserve most of the time. I still have my 21's, and I still have my first one I bought 16 years ago with a BBC control. They have made many great mowers over the years. I think that is why I'm such a nut for Kawasakis now. Every mower we use had or has a Kaw motor on it. The WB's had 7 gauge steel decks years ago when we first bought them, field serviceable spindles, etc.. I never put much in the way of parts in any of my Snappers, either.Just regular maint. items...I made the switch this year based on production time with the Standers over WBS and a Z, not over quality or dealer issues. Our dealer still services and sells us our Shins, so all wasn't lost :)
  4. naturescape

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    I really don't think Snappers get the credit they deserve either. I had a 48" hydro wb Snapper, and sold it for an ExM TT. I'm sorry I did. The Snapper did a much better job mulching leaves. I should have kept the Snapper 48" for fall, although the ExM does a better job on dispersing turf clippings. When spring tension is adjusted properly on the Snapper hydro (mount bolt raised 1/2" higher), it is FAR easier on the hands than my ExM TT. Also, Snapper's 21" mowers are the best on the market, especially for the price.

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